Real-time Analytics News Roundup for Week Ending March 14


In the news this week: not surprisingly several announcements about using AI in healthcare, plus multiple offerings that use AI with IoT systems.

Keeping pace with news and developments in the real-time analytics market can be a daunting task. We want to help by providing a summary of some of the items our staff came across each week. Here is a short list of some news from this week:, a provider of enterprise AI applications, announces two enterprise AI application suites to coincide with Pi Day (March 14, 2020), the four-year anniversary of the company. The new offerings include Vulcan (Manufacturing AI suite) and Athena (Supply Chain AI suite) to reduce economic and environmental waste. Vulcan and Athena are leading AI application suites that help organizations optimize their manufacturing and supply chain processes.

Growers, a software and analytics company, is forging a new partnership with SAS to help farmers turn data into insights, making better agronomic decisions across their entire operation. The partnership with SAS will complement Growers’ ag analytics services and drive even stronger joint offerings to the ag community. Specifically, the effort will bring together Growers’ deep agronomic expertise with SAS’ leading data science capabilities to create solutions designed to support farmers, with the ultimate goal of creating a healthier world.

IBM Watson Health and EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) announced a strategic collaboration aimed at enhancing clinical decision support (CDS) and operations for healthcare providers and health systems. The companies are combining their respective solution suites – DynaMed and IBM Micromedex with Watson – into a single solution called “DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson. The combined solution suite will be designed to bring together drug and disease content, into a single source for evidence-based insights to help inform clinical decisions.

NEC Corporation announced a collaboration with Siemens in the IoT field to provide a monitoring and analysis solution for manufacturing that connects MindSphere, the cloud-based, open Internet of Things (IoT) operating system from Siemens, and NEC’s System Invariant Analysis Technology (SIAT). As part of the agreement, NEC is joining the MindSphere Partner Program, which can provide NEC with access to specialized technical training and support from Siemens as well as several joint go-to-market capabilities.

DataRobot and InterSystems announced a partnership designed to accelerate the application of AI in healthcare. Through an integration and reseller agreement, the partnership makes it easier for InterSystems customers to integrate predictions and insights from DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform into their healthcare applications. The DataRobot enterprise AI platform provides automation across the entire AI lifecycle, accelerating, and streamlining a user’s journey from data to value. Through this partnership, the enterprise AI platform will be integrated with InterSystems IRIS data platform and InterSystems for Health, the world’s first and only data platform specifically engineered to extract value from healthcare data.

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