Real-Time Transaction Monitoring of Prepaid Cards: Case Study


Edenred México, a digital payments company, established 24×7 visibility into the performance of every digital transaction.

Name of Organization: Edenred México S.A. de C.V.

Industry: Financial services

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Opportunity or Challenge Encountered:

A key tool for managing corporate expenditures has been the pre-paid service attached to a digital payment card or platform. These environments help manage and consolidate purchasing, track expenses, as well cut the bureaucracy out of the process for acquiring important services to run businesses. In México, one of the leading providers of such prepaid corporate services is Edenred México, which supports more than 30,000 customers, 3 million users and 40,000 affiliates,

Edenred México’s parent company, Edenred SA, counts more than 42 million customers using their solutions in 42 countries, handling more than $20 billion in transactions per year between employers, employees and merchants, as noted in a recent case study. By ensuring that allocated funds are used specifically as intended, these prepaid solutions enable companies and local authorities to effectively manage employee and social benefits, business expense management processes, and incentive and rewards programs.

Edenred México needed a way to stay on top of potential service disruptions or transactions that were unable to complete, which could result in customer dissatisfaction. The company’s ability to deliver a consistent end-user experience and minimize the risk of service disruption is an important part of attracting new business partners and keeping existing customers. Achieving this required the company’s digital control and payment methods team to know when digital transactions were not completing as expected, and why there may be service disruptions occurring on their authorization platforms.

How This Opportunity or Challenge Was Met:

To meet this challenge, Edenred México deployed Inetco Insight, a real-time transaction monitoring solution designed for expedited problem isolation, network infrastructure optimization and service availability management. As documented in the Inteco case study, the solution is designed to provide 24×7 visibility into the performance of every transaction, across multiple protocols and all the online operations of the company’s key products. This helps Edenred México guarantee that prepaid cards, voucher and rewards services will always be accessible.

The solution includes real-time alert notifications, drill-down transaction logs, visually intuitive topology maps and end-to-end transaction profiling. These features enable the company’s digital control and payment methods team to quickly identify issues such as host authorization time-outs and disconnections, network problems relating to the main and secondary switches, and transaction rejections and slowdowns at big retail chains or at specific high-volume terminals.

Benefits From This Initiative:

With this system in place, Edenred México has been able to establish centralized, 24×7 visibility into the performance of every digital transaction, across all online operations of key products, the case study states. The company can also react, in advance, to issues that will cause transaction completion slowdowns and failures.

Edenred’s managers also report they are now successfully meet more than 90 percent of customer service level agreements, the case study adds. The company has also been able to anticipate possible complaints from customers, and react in advance in order to avoid major problems. Offering rapid alternatives to these complaints has reduced average daily incident call volumes from 10 to six, which was a 40 percent productivity improvement for call center personnel.

Service disruptions, platform intermittences and problems with the authorizer that used to take more than four hours to resolve now take Edenred México less than one hour on average – a 75 percent faster mean time to repair. Root causes of problem can also be quickly isolated to internal networks, prepaid applications or external partner affiliates, making it easier to identify and immediately notify the right problem owner.

Real-time transaction monitoring:
Edenred México’s ability to successfully fulfill customer service level agreements has also improved, as the company can now identify what is happening with their prepaid platforms in real-time – moving from an 85 percent to 90 percent daily average for SLA compliance.

The real-time system “allows us to visualize quickly and efficiently any instability or loss of performance,” Laurent Long, Edenred director of technology and information, is quoted as saying.

In addition, the company reports it has been able to reduce in-bound customer calls from an average of 10 calls per day to six, as well as reduce the need for multiple resources by isolating root cause of performance issues and quickly identifying the problem owner, the case study states.

(Source: Inetco)


Industry insights: financial services

Use cases: compliance and anti-fraud

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