Rivetz and AnyLog Team Up for IoT Data Protection

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The partnership will bring hardware-level, blockchain-based IoT data protection to the AnyLog platform.

Decentralized and embedded security solution provider Rivetz and IoT data management platform provider AnyLog have teamed up for IoT data protection. The two firms will collaborate to bring hardware level, blockchain-based IoT data protection to AnyLog’s platform.

The globally distributed peer-to-peer network includes blockchain, parallelism, and an incentive platform designed to collect, store, and query IoT data. The companies will integrate Rivetz’s hardware security into the platform to protect data sent and received from IoT devices on AnyLog’s network.

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Data owners can conduct real-time data management without the costs associated with building and maintaining their own platforms and databases. They can also monetize that data and receive rewards. Rivetz’s security solutions use the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), a computer environment isolated from the operating system and designed to protect digital transactions.

The company prevents the alteration and theft of private keys since isolation from OS protect against malware infections and other tampering.

“We are pleased to welcome Rivetz as a partner in the AnyLog ecosystem,” says Moshe Shadmon, founder and CEO of AnyLog. “Data security is of the utmost importance. By leveraging Rivetz security protocols we can assure state-of-the-art protection of data on our network.”

“Rivetz is proud to provide provable cybersecurity controls to AnyLog,” says Steven Sprague, co-founder and CEO of Rivetz. “AnyLog is changing the way enterprises secure and interact with data. Rivetz sees an excellent opportunity to implement a simple and safe model using blockchain and trusted computing to ensure the quality of all transactions across the AnyLog data platform.” 

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