Roamworks Links Up with Aeris for Remote Asset Monitoring


The partnership ensures Roamworks’ devices can rely on Internet of Things connectivity worldwide, even in rural or remote locations, for asset monitoring.

End-to-end IoT solutions provider Roamworks is entering a new partnership with Aeris to enable remote asset monitoring in remote and challenging locations. Customers in construction, oil and gas and transportation will now be able to use Aeris’ connectivity tools to remotely monitor their deployed devices right to the edge.

Roamworks allows customers to manage and view real-time data from their desktop or mobile device anywhere in the world. The partnership with Aeris will enhance that with reliable and secure global connectivity. The company’s IoT offerings are designed to help increase operational efficiency, reduce downtime and increase visibility of assets as they move through supply chains and throughout the organization. Aeris offers GSM, CDMA and LTE network options along with a carrier-agnostic network.

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“We pride ourselves on providing the very best end-to-end IoT solutions to our clients. We allow businesses and organizations to track and monitor their assets in real-time. These assets, by their very nature, are often moved from one location to another, often across borders or into rural areas, areas which can be notoriously difficult when it comes to IoT connection,” said Mohammad Daudi, Director of Global Sales & Marketing, Roamworks.

“We need to ensure that our solutions are backed by reliable IoT connectivity, no matter where in the world they are deployed. Aeris’ expertise in this area allows us to achieve this, and helps set us apart from competitors in the region and globally,” he added.

Aeris will begin the new partnership by providing IoT connectivity to Roamworks products in the Middle East before expanding worldwide. Roamworks has three main products, Roam Tank, for monitoring assets in fixed and mobile tanks, Roam heavy equipment, for monitoring of generators, pumps and compressors, and Roam fleet management. They also offer a cargo security product for use in airports.

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