Rogers Introduces IoT as a Service for Canadian Businesses


Will partner with IoT solutions provider blueRover.

Canadian telecom company Rogers Communications announced March 31 they will be the first carrier in that country to offer IoT as a service to businesses. Under a partnership with IoT solutions provider blueRover, Rogers IoT-as-a-service offerings will initially include:

  • End-to-End Incident Management: Rogers will manage and troubleshoot IoT deployments for customers, including connectivity monitoring and management of IoT endpoints. Customers will get real-time alerts when issues arise.
  • Farm and Food Monitoring: Customers will have access to sensors that monitor refrigerators, ovens, deep fryers, freezers and other food service and manufacturing equipment. This helps ensure compliance with food safety regulations and reduces waste.
  • Level Monitoring: This service, aimed at the fuel, waste and grain industries, will provide solutions for companies that need to monitor levels of oils, water, fuel, wastewater and other liquids. This helps reduce the labor-intensive process of refilling or emptying tanks and can eliminate the need for emergency services.

 Additional services being offered include include “cold chain management” (ensuring refrigeration levels for perishable items) and food safety monitoring for restaurants and food kitchens, said Rogers.

According to IDC Canada, a consulting firm, more than 45 percent of Canadian organizations are deploying Internet of Things solutions. IDC predicts the IoT market in Canada will reach a value of $13.5 billion by 2019.

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