AT&T Rolls Out Smart Cities Framework


AT&T’s smart cities framework will focus on real-time traffic and parking management, preventive policing, and predictive maintenance.

AT&T has announced a new initiative to collaborate with tech leaders and industry organizations to create “Smart City Solutions,” a framework that will use the IoT to help cities become connected and improve everyday living for urban residents. According to a post on CNNMoney, first up to get connected are Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago.

The framework will use the IoT and predictive analytics to improve transportation systems by allowing citizens to know in near real-time when the next bus or train will arrive. Public safety will also be improved through gunfire detection technology and traffic pattern management.

Cities can use sensors to constantly monitor infrastructure and be alerted of repair needs before they turn into big and costly problems. Smart City Solutions also plans to offer mobile apps to residents that will allow them to check traffic conditions in near real-time and check parking meters remotely. The app will send a push notification if the programmed route has any issues backing up traffic, and residents can reserve parking spaces ahead of time.

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