Precision King and AT&T Partner for Smart Farming


Partnership will allow real-time water management for crops.

Precision King and AT&T announced on Sept. 7 a partnership to bring smart water irrigation to farming.

Under the partnership, AT&T’s Global SIM card and IoT Services, such as Control Center, will collect data from the soil and transmit it to Precision King’s Soil King dashboard. Farmers will receive real-time alerts when their crops need water, helping them optimize crop production, reduce fuel and equipment expenses, and eliminate under- or over-watering.

Farmers will also have access to wind, humidity and temperature data, getting a complete picture of the condition of their crops and predictions for the future. They also have access to historical data which can be combined with real-time data for more complete analysis. All insights are provided in real time.

Precision King also offers Pivot King, which gives farmers the ability to track their pivot progress and control it from an online dashboard. Both Soil King and Pivot King are cloud-based and available on mobile devices and through a web portal.

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