Software AG and OSIsoft Partner to Tackle IoT Analytics


Combining the Software AG Digital Business Platform with OSIsoft PI System data will enable IoT use cases such as asset management, product quality and supply chain analytics, the companies said.

Software AG and OSIsoft have announced a new partnership aimed at helping businesses combine company-wide IT and operations data with the Software AG Digital Business Platform. 

Under the partnership, customers can access enhanced analytics, IoT application development, machine learning, and data integration. Software AG says the new partnership will help organizations collect and analyze large amounts of data within enterprise information architectures that support big data, data warehouse and analytics projects.

According to the announcement, the Software AG Digital Business Platform includes integration and advanced analytic capabilities that can connect to a wide variety of both structured and unstructured data sources. Combining it with OSIsoft PI System data is touted as giving enterprises the ability to gain new insights into the IoT, asset management, product quality and operations.

OSIsoft’s PI System collects data from sensors, manufacturing equipment, IoT gateways and other sources, then cleans and structures it so it can be used for business analytics or operational efficiency improvements.  Together, the two platforms will allow companies to analyze and act on real-time streaming data with the context provided by historical data to find causes, conditions and trends.

“Organizations can achieve enterprise-wide intelligence as well as actionable insights to improve production, reduce manufacturing losses and increase profitability across the whole supply chain,” said Martin Otterson, senior vice president of customer success at OSIsoft.

The partnership will enable organizations to compare actual readings with statistical models to help predict performance, costs, and downtime, the company stated. Real-time alerts and instructions can be generated and adjustments made. The new Digital Business Platform is available in the cloud, as a service, on premise or as a hybrid configuration.


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