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A T-Mobile for IT monitoring?

Rocana announced Feb. 2 that it will offer a free 1 TB of daily data volume for its IT monitoring and analytics platform, Rocana Ops.

The company announced that the free 1 TB, available through Rocana One, will not be handicapped by functionality and scalability limits that come with other “free” offers.

The company describes its Rocana Ops platform as “a highly scalable, fault tolerant solution for IT operations monitoring and analysis, with community support.” The platform allows companies to conduct root-case analysis for issues, supports anomaly detection using machine learning, generates alerts, and also has data visualization capabilities.

Rocana stated it was offering the free 1 TB of daily data volume because competing solutions that rely on data volumes for pricing are not solving the problems that organizations face. In a blog post in September, the company specifically mentioned Splunk. That post provoked a legal tussle.

Hortonworks, a Rocana partner, stated in a release that Rocana’s free 1 TB of data monitoring will allow customers to collect and manage operational data – whether in IT operations, operational intelligence, or IoT applications—“for little more than the cost of storage.”

We caught up with Rocana’s CEO Omer Trajman while in San Francisco. Here’s what he had to say about Rocana One:

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Omer:  A project that we’re really proud of is a protocol Rocana One. This program really is designed for people who are just starting to feel the pain of the kind of IT data volumes that they need to understand. They’re not looking at multiple terabytes just yet, but that’s on the horizon and they’re worried that if they start spending hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on IT monitoring software, they’re going to end up in this world where they’re paying more to monitor the thing than the thing that they’re actually monitoring. Rocana One is a program for anyone out there who’s interested. It’s a terabyte a day of data or less, completely free forever. You get full functionality.

You get all of Rocana Ops. There is nothing held back. It’s bring-you- own Hadoop. You can run it on the cloud. You can run it on premise. You can run it on licenses you have. You can run it on open source, but you literally are not paying for a terabyte a day, right? For comparison, that’s about 2000 times more per day than anyone else is offering for free and there’s no retention restrictions on that as well. Keep the data for as long as you want. You use the software for as long as you want. Once you get over a terabyte, we start talking subscriptions and support. Rocana has since day one being unlimited data once you buy a license. Under terabyte a day, we think people are just getting warmed up.

Once you hit a terabyte a day, you’re going to start scaling through the roof. You want to know that you’re uncapped and you only pay for the number of seats. You pay for the number of people who are using the software and that’s it. This is a really exciting program. We think it’s really going to shake up the industry. People have been overpaying for monitoring software for decades and now you get the full functionality of Rocana Ops for free up to a terabyte a day.”


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