Study Outlines Industry and Public AI Perceptions


Although public perception is changing, there’s still a serious disconnect. The public today still isn’t quite sure what positive benefits AI brings to their lives.

AI cloud company DataRobot recently released a report focused on AI perceptions across industries. “AI and the Power of Perception” also outlines the influence public opinion has on AI adoption and underscores something most already know about AI – many businesses still don’t know how to leverage it.

The report confirms that public buy-in of AI solutions is still a key factor in whether those companies will be able to leverage their AI deployments to their fullest potential. Companies may be tempted to leave AI behind if they believe it will not help them retain their customers.

The company surveyed over 5,000 people and found that although public perception is changing, there’s still a serious disconnect. The public still isn’t quite sure what positive benefits AI brings to their lives. This will need to change to take full advantage of these tools.

According to the report, more businesses are now using AI to speed product development, but that’s changing. In three years, most companies expect to use AI as their most important tool for delivering customer experience. This shift could help thaw public opinion as well.

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AI is still an emerging technology, so obstacles remain

According to study responses, most people believe that tool improvement is the greatest factor in advancing AI initiatives. However, close behind is simply a greater understanding of that technology itself. Businesses need experts that can unravel AI and serve as point people for launching initiatives that make it to deployment.

Companies believe that having the right level of understanding when it comes to deploying these tools. In addition, managing the fear from the public and employees is a challenge that no one has a solid answer to.

Business can lead the way in improving AI perceptions

One aspect of AI perceptions that needs addressing is consumer concern about the loss of privacy and potential crime. But the biggest concern is job loss. Companies can help mitigate those fears by deploying AI responsibly and doing more to help consumers understand the benefits of leveraging AI tools.

Companies will need public trust to move forward with their AI projects. The study confirms the reciprocal relationship here as AI begins to shift everything we know from business to the public space. Soon, AI perceptions may change, allowing AI to move beyond an emerging technology to one with greater buy-in and a better understanding of what the tools offer.

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