Tableau 10.2 Release Features Advanced Mapping and Data Analysis


The new release features nearly 50 enhancements designed to make data analytics easier and more scalable.

Tableau has announced the release of Tableau 10.2, which features advanced data capabilities and new advanced mapping tools for geospatial analysis and data prep, the company said. Tableau 10.2 offers new ways to collate and clean data, along with new tools to enable the delivery of self-service analytics at scale.

“The need to see and understand data has never been greater,” said Andrew Beers, chief development officer at Tableau Software. “Enhancements in Tableau 10.2 make advanced analytics easier, faster and more scalable. We’ve added new ways to leverage spatial data, prep data and manage Tableau deployments in the enterprise. Visualizations are easier for people with disabilities to perceive and explore, making data accessible to everyone to increase business value and insights.”

A new Spatial File connector in Tableau 10.2 allows customers to manage their data directly within the application, and connect to ESRI Shapefiles, KML, GeoJSON and MapInfo file types. For simplified data prep, Tableau 10.2 lets people join tables from a database. It automatically recognizes dates and makes them uniform with a simple click. Automatic DateParse enables users to transform data from a string to a date type.

The application’s visualizations also now conform to the current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which makes it easier for people with disabilities to use and understand. Tableau now works with screen reading software and other assistive technologies.

Among the nearly 50 other enhancements made to Tableau, the update features single sign in support for SAP BW and 60 instant data connectors. A full features list for Tableau 10.2 at


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