Enabling ‘Citizen Data Scientists’: RapidMiner Teams With Tableau


Partnerships aims to bring self-service data preparation and analytics to the average user.

Tableau, an easy-to-use data visualization tool, has teamed with RapidMiner, an open-source predictive analytics platform.

The partnership aims to pair RapidMiner’s drag-and-drop software with Tableau’s data visualization interface. According to a press release, that lets “Tableau users with limited data science skills generate their own predictive results and integrate them into their analytic visualizations, improving the likelihood of predictive outcomes.”

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RapidMiner stated that, “with the shortage of data scientists, today’s modern business analysts are being challenged to become ‘citizen data scientists’ and use predictive analytics. But often times they lack the statistical programming skills to navigate the avalanche of data.”

Tableau has an active community of users, including “Zen Masters” that share data visualizations, tips, and support.

Shawn Rogers, chief research officer at Dell Statistica, recently told TechRepublic that “2016 could be the year for citizen data scientists because users throughout the business want a more democratized approach to big data and analytics.” And “not every company can afford a data scientist.”

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