TIBCO Announces Live Datamart 2.0 – Presenting Streaming Data to Users in Real-Time


March 31, 2015 – TIBCO Software, Inc., an infrastructure and business intelligence (BI) software company, announced today the release of TIBCO Live Datamart 2.0, the second generation of its BI platform for real-time streaming data. Live Datamart utilizes data from streaming real-time data sources, creates an in-memory data warehouse, and provides push-based query results and alerts to end users. Real-time applications include trading risk, fraud detection, retail inventory tracking and sensor data processing.

According to the company, TIBCO Live Datamart is specifically designed for streaming Fast Data and real-time, continuous analytics. Instead of utilizing traditional ETL or ELT interfaces for data, TIBCO Live Datamart connects directly to streaming data, creates an in-memory image of those streams, and provides an ad-hoc query mechanism that returns continuous, real-time results and alerts to end users. “This platform allows you to bring data together from multiple systems,” said Richard Tibbetts, CTO of Event Processing at TIBCO. “It makes a vast data storage available to humans; people want updated information. There is tremendous value in bringing in multiple sources of data, which is analyzed for you, and putting it in forms that are readily at your fingertips.”

New Features of TIBCO Live Datamart 2.0

TIBCO announced many new features and improvements including the industry’s only Continuous Query Processor for streaming data, with new Javascript APIs, Internet of Things (IoT) support, and native support for in-memory data grid technology with TIBCO ActiveSpaces. The TIBCO StreamBase LiveView Desktop also contains major enhancements including enterprise failover capability.

“TIBCO Live Datamart marks the end of the era of the end-of-day report because it’s the only end-user data mart expressly designed for Fast Data from the ground up,” said Mark Palmer, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Event Processing at TIBCO. “With the rise in the use of sensors and IoT-enabled devices in both commercial and consumer markets, the digital business today demands up-to-the-second control of their business operations. Money is made and lost in the moment so they require a Live Datamart to see and act on conditions as they change, in real time.”

According to the company, other improvements include Embedded R Predictive Analytics, Continuous Query Processor Improvements including new dynamic aggregation, expanded alerting functionality, enhanced data compression, improvements on dynamic real-time stream query performance, IoT support; new API libraries for mobile and Web access; native in-memory data grid support with ActiveSpaces and StreamBase LiveView Desktop enhancements. To learn more about how Live Datamart enables businesses to have operational intelligence and control over all real-time conditions in the moment, visit www.tibco.com.

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