VANTIQ 2.0 Simplifies the Development of Real-Time Applications


VANTIQ 2.0 includes new features to shorten application development times, simplify maintenance, and support continuous delivery models.

VANTIQ has announced the 2.0 release of its platform designed for building, deploying and maintaining real-time applications. As an application as a service (aPaaS), it combines event processing with a high productivity development environment.

The upgraded platform includes shortened application development times, simpler maintenance, continuous delivery models, and integrated devops capabilities

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The new features were added with increased ROI of real-time applications and shorter to market transitions in mind. It includes VANTIQ Modelo, a web-based integrated development environment aimed at reducing the difficulty of building, deploying and maintaining real-time applications.

“VANTIQ 2.0 marks a huge step in delivering on our vision of an approachable application platform that is easy to learn and use, and that goes beyond development to support deployment and continuous enhancements to the application,” said Paul Butterworth, co-founder and CTO at VANTIQ. “The implications for enabling real-time human-machine collaboration, machine-learning, augmented reality, and other emerging technologies are endless.”

The company said their platform’s main goal is to provide high productivity and a low code environment for real-time, event-driven applications. They want users to be able to do real-time event processing without the need to recruit specially trained talent. VANTIQ shortens the learning curve to make that possible. It offers two modes — development and operations — and the new platform also supports machine learning and natural language processing.

“The VANTIQ platform – including its human to machine collaboration capabilities, real-time event processing, connectivity, and high speed of implementation – are key assets to the success of critical digital transformation projects requiring agility and tight time to market,” said Mariano Boni, managing partner, Innovation Lab at Nexworld – a developer of VANTIQ applications.

It is now available as an automatic upgrade for their on-site and private cloud deployments.

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