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In this week’s real-time analytics news: IBM announced it would acquire StreamSets and webMethods from Software AG to enhance its efforts in AI and hybrid cloud.

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IBM announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Software AG to purchase StreamSets and webMethods, Software AG’s Super iPaaS (integration platform-as-a-service) enterprise technology platforms. The acquisition of StreamSets and webMethods will support IBM’s deep focus and investment in AI and hybrid cloud. StreamSets will add data ingestion capabilities to watsonx, IBM’s AI and data platform, while webMethods will give clients and partners additional integration and API management tools for their hybrid multi-cloud environments.

The U.S. National Science Foundation announced the appointment of Tess deBlanc-Knowles to the position of special assistant to the director for artificial intelligence. In this position, she will serve as the lead in the Office of the Director for issues related to AI and NSF’s implementation of the recent Executive Order on AI and serve as a member of the NSF leadership team. She will work across the agency to facilitate collaboration on AI initiatives and enable it to productively engage with ongoing national processes around AI. DeBlanc-Knowles will also retain her position in NSF’s Directorate for Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships, where she serves as Strategic Advisor for Technology Policy and Strategy.

Real-time analytics news in brief

FICO announced that it has been granted ten patents related to digital decisioning, fraud detection, machine learning, and responsible AI. FICO’s new patents include:

  • Auto-Encoder Enhanced Self-Diagnostic Components for Model Monitoring
  • Overly Optimistic Data Patterns and Learned Adversarial Latent Features
  • Method and System for Predicting Adherence to a Treatment
  • Supervised Machine Learning-Based Modeling of Sensitivities to Potential Disruptions
  • Computer-Implemented Decision Management Systems and Methods
  • Fast Automatic Explanation of Scored Observations
  • User Interface to Analyze and Navigate Through Decision Logic
  • Building Resilient Models to Address Dynamic Customer Data Use Rights
  • Similarity Sharding
  • Multi-Layered Self-Calibrating Analytics

Apache released the latest version of the Airflow project, a data orchestration tool with more than 12 million monthly downloads and 33K Github stars. Airflow 2.8 features several significant improvements, including the use of different storage systems in DAGs without code modification, updated Python modules, and listener hooks for datasets. More details about the new version can be found here.

Cisco announced the intent to acquire Isovalent, a provider of open-source cloud-native networking and security, to bolster its secure networking capabilities across public clouds. The acquisition of Isovalent will build on the Cisco Security Cloud vision, an AI-driven, cloud-delivered, integrated security platform for organizations of any shape and size.

Qlik announced the acquisition of Mozaic Data (Mozaic). Integrating Mozaic into Qlik’s portfolio brings a new approach to managing data as a product. Specifically, the acquisition will aid Qlik in simplifying data handling for businesses, focusing on a data product-oriented approach for better data quality and governance.

PingCAP announced the launch of TiDB 7.5, the open-source distributed SQL database, with new features to deliver improved consistency, durability, and reliability for enterprise-scale applications. New capabilities in TiDB 7.5 include reducing I/O, compute, and memory of specific background jobs; stabilizing critical workloads; isolating background tasks; catching and acting on unexpectedly costly queries; maximizing MySQL 8.0 compatibility; and optimizing analytical processing by mitigating out-of-memory issues and separating the analytical engine’s compute and storage.

Precisely announced that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data and Analytics Competency status. The designation recognizes Precisely for its expertise in enabling customers to build trust in their data stored and processed in various AWS services. It closely follows the news of the Precisely Data Integrity Suite achieving Amazon Redshift Service Ready certification, announced last month.

SensiML announced the launch of Data Studio, a platform designed for managing sensor data when developing ML models. Data Studio provides real-time connectivity, intuitive visualization tools, sensor data video synchronization, and support for large-scale collaborative projects. Its primary features include simplified data capture and import, the ability to collaboratively label sensor data, data analysis and model evaluation, and label and data versioning.

Silverfort announced a solution that provides customers with real-time protection and visibility of service accounts in a single click. Silverfort’s expanded Service Account Protection capabilities automate and scale the protection of thousands of service accounts with ease, removing burdensome roll-out processes to save time and cost. This solves a major blind spot in enterprise security that was, until now, extremely difficult to address, enabling organizations to mature their overall security program.

Volumez announced a new partnership relationship with Anodot. Anodot will use Volumez to deliver persistent block storage on AWS for its large farm of PostgreSQL instances. Volumez was chosen after exhibiting application performance improvements while reducing costs. The nature of database improvements core to customer-facing applications included dramatic increases in transactions per second and radical reductions in latency.

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