Veritone Wants All the Cognitive Engines to Hum Together


Veritone makes AI actionable by combining over 125 of the most advanced cognitive engines across major cognitive categories with a suite of applications.

AI insights and cognitive solutions provider Veritone Inc. announced at the AI World Conference & Expo that their Veritone Developer application is now available. The app allows developers of cognitive apps, engines and APIs to integrate their projects with the Veritone aiWARE platform.

The new application provides a self-service development environment that enables developers to create, submit and deploy applications and cognitive engines directly into the aiWARE architecture. Now out of a successful beta, Veritone Developer is now generally available to machine learning experts, application development firms, and system integrators. It supports OCR, transcoding, geolocation, transcription, face and object recognition, translation, audio/video fingerprinting and RESTful and GraphQL API integrations.

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“It is clear from the overwhelming interest in Veritone Developer that the AI development community values our ecosystem platform and its ability to create revenue opportunities for their cognitive engines and applications,” said Tyler Schulze, vice president and general manager of the partner ecosystem at Veritone.

“Exposure to Veritone’s growing portfolio of blue-chip clients via a single interface that makes it easy to train, test, and deploy AI offerings is highly attractive to development partners while supporting our overall mission of delivering purpose-driven AI solutions across any type of organization,” Schulze added.

The Veritone aiWARE platform creates time-correlated and multi-dimensional meta data from audio and video to unlock both valuable insights and economic value. It combines over 125 of the most advanced cognitive engines across all major categories. This includes several new speech recognition and computer vision engines. The company stated sentiment analysis, action classification, and sophisticated text and visual content moderation engines are also in the works.

“Veritone has identified and is curating a global funnel of over 7,000 cognitive engines across 7 major classes and 60 defined categories of cognition, and expects the volume of engines deployed in aiWARE to increase significantly with the full release of Veritone Developer,” the company said in their announcement.

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