2nd Watch Launches DataOps Service

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With DataOps, businesses will be able to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Enterprise cloud provider 2nd Watch announced the launch of a new DataOps service this week.

The AWS Premier Consulting and Microsoft Azure Gold partner aims to make the service personalized to every business, with trained consultants overseeing the transition period.

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2nd Watch will identify key business objectives and customize the service to fit those needs, before moving data to fully managed AWS servers. 2nd Watch then plugs into several data sources, which can all be viewed in a “single pane of glass” within two weeks.

“Transforming an organization to be more data-driven requires an evolution both in technology and culture. Data initiatives die without a guiding business objective,” said Robert Whelan, Practice Manager of Data Engineering and Analytics at 2nd Watch.

“While every organization is unique, they all want to see and act on trustworthy data. That’s where our DataOps service comes into play. We combine years of experience and industry best practices with a client’s unique access, security, and governance requirements to help them solve business problems.”

With DataOps, businesses will be able to make more informed, data-driven decisions. “Where before you were trusting your gut, now you have real, relevant, current data to support your decision making. You’re not driving blind,” said 2nd Watch in a press release.

The introduction of DataOps also leads, according to 2nd Watch, to other departments looking into analytics and data services. Once implemented, artificial intelligence can be embedded in the DataOps service, providing the analyst with faster and more accurate business intelligence.

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