Cloudera Launches Data Warehousing for Hybrid Cloud


Cloudera Data Warehouse is a hybrid cloud data warehouse, already in use by over 800 large enterprises.

Cloud-based machine learning and analytics platform provider Cloudera has announced the general availability of Cloudera Data Warehouse. Nearly 800 companies already use this hybrid cloud data warehouse.

It allows large enterprises to store, analyze and manage data in both public clouds and on-site. The data warehouse can handle up to 50PB data loads with sub-microsecond queries and serves clusters with large amounts of compute nodes and enables H3 or hybrid compute, control and storage.

H3 facilitates workload portability and improved optimization in both data centers and public clouds. It also provides security and governance.

The Need for Self-Service Flexibility & Real-Time Insights

Cloudera’s scalable, hybrid, cloud-native data warehouse supports enterprises with the need to collect large amounts of data for supporting critical analytics and business intelligence (BI) applications.

Traditional and first-generation cloud data warehouses can’t provide control, flexibility, or performance in the same way as a hybrid cloud platform. These newer platforms have the technology to meet both agility standards and scale required in a modern operational environment.

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Also available is Cloudera’s new data-warehouse-as-a-service, Cloudera Altus Data Warehouse. The multi-cloud platform runs seamlessly on AWS and Microsoft Azure, providing governance, security and the flexibility of the hybrid cloud.

Unlike first-generation cloud data warehouses, Altus Data Warehouse:

  • Delivers a superior analytic experience and improvements to user productivity with zero-copy simplicity that eliminates the need to copy data into proprietary stores
  • Accelerates analytic experimentation and collaboration with zero-admin data sharing for data science, machine learning, and real-time analytic workloads
  • Maintains lineage and history for transient workloads, critical for governance and compliance
  • Enables encryption at rest and in motion, with choice of key management, configured for clusters on creation and its GDPR and SOC2 compliant and is undergoing SOC2 certification
  • Provides the scale, performance and hybrid flexibility to quickly and economically capitalize on new business requirements and opportunities.

Cloudera Altus Data Warehouse as-a-service and Cloudera Data Warehouse, formerly known as Cloudera Analytic DB, are available now.

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