Fastly Partners with Microsoft for Data Analytics at the Edge


The partnership integrates Fastly’s edge cloud platform with Azure’s data analytics solutions including Data Explorer, Blob Storage, and Event Grid.

Edge cloud platform provider Fastly has partnered with Microsoft to create a new solution for data analytics at the edge. This new partnership integratse Microsoft’s Azure Data Explorer, Blob Storage, and Event Grid with Fastly’s platform for near real-time data analytics. The companies hope to improve business decision making by using big data to create superior end-user experiences and better product performance.

“Fastly delivers more than a three million log events per second, empowering our customers to easily view their traffic, understand their site health, and make the changes they need as quickly as possible,” explained Dana Wolf, SVP of Product and Marketing at Fastly. “To this end, we embrace and integrate with a multitude of central cloud platforms. This partnership and the integrations we’re building with Microsoft are another investment in support of our customer-first philosophy, empowering businesses to get the most value out of their operations at the edge.”

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Faster, Efficient Data Set Collection & Analysis

Platforms capture more than 2 billion gigabytes of data daily. Industry experts anticipate the number will continue to grow. Microsoft design its Azure Data Explorer to provide improved visibility into those large data sets. The new collaboration between Microsoft and Fastly will allow businesses to collect data from the edge in real time and combine it on a central platform with data from other sources.

Azure Data Explorer enables engineers to instantly identify anomalies, patterns, and trends from the constantly growing and evolving data. Microsoft’s Daniel Yu, Director of Product Marketing, says the partnership with Fastly will allow both companies to provide solutions that help companies better understand their edge workloads.

“Microsoft and Fastly share the same principles of speed, scalability, and flexibility, so we believe the integration of our technologies will provide a unique solution for our customers,” Yu says.

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