IBM and Cisco Join Forces to Change How Work is Done


They’ll create a collection of cloud-based workplace solutions powered by IBM Watson.

Experts say the average employee is distracted once every 11 minutes and needs an average of 25 minutes to refocus. To compensate, they tend to work faster, but that is not necessarily a good thing because speed does not always translate into effectiveness. This causes more stress and pressure. IBM and Cisco believe they can change that, and on June 30, announced they are teaming up to create a better workplace.

The companies stated in their announcement that they will combine IBM’s analytics solutions IBM Watson platform, and email and social media tools with Cisco’s collaboration tools for business messaging, meetings, and calling.  Cisco Spark and WebEx collaborative workspace platforms will be integrated with IBM’s cloud collaboration solutions, including Verse and Connections. They’ll also design joint solutions that will take advantage of a variety of data sources to help people work faster and smarter. They’ll work by providing insights in the right context based on the employee’s role, work patterns and assignments.

“The irony of many workforce tools available today is that with because there are so many to choose from, they can reduce employee effectiveness,” said Inhi Cho, General Manager, IBM Collaboration Solutions. “With our combined technology strengths and understanding of how teams get work done, IBM and Cisco can deliver the next generation of collaboration tools needed to cultivate innovation and drive productivity. By incorporating analytics and cognitive technologies into these solutions, we expect them to be able to learn what is important, in context, and take the right actions on behalf of the user.”

The joint solutions will be powered by IBM Watson and Connections APIs and Cisco Spark APIs, the company stated in their release.

For more information or to register to attend Cisco’s live event in Las Vegas July 10-14, click here.


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