Info Builders Leverages Jethro and Hadoop for Real-time Operational Analytics


Information Builders will allow users of their WebFOCUS product to tap into the power of Hadoop.

Business intelligence and analytics provider Information Builders is partnering with BI accelerator Jethro to give customers the ability to access Hadoop for cost savings along with the data visualization tools of their WebFOCUS produce for real-time customer-facing and operational analytics.

Business intelligence allows organizations to monitor their business activity and to anticipate and correct issues that could impact performance before they become problems. These insights can also be used through customer-facing applications that assist both business partners and end users. As a company’s Hadoop footprints grow so does their need for real-time performance and insights.

With the company’s iWay DataMigrator, Information Builders customers can pull their data into Jethro regardless of where it’s stored. Then through IB’s connector, WebFOCUS users can index, build dynamic cubed, and query cache for structured and unstructured data. This results in faster response times so organizations can make real-time insights available to everyone.

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“We’re thrilled to welcome Jethro into the Information Builders family. The insights that customer-facing BI and analytics applications provide can be a significant differentiator for businesses, particularly if they are able to provide real-time insights to partners, suppliers, and end users. Our partnership with Jethro provides the final link for enabling Information Builders customers to deliver high-performance, real-time insights to the masses through WebFOCUS.”

WebFOCUS is a business intelligence and analytics platform that gives organizations all the tools they need to turn data into actionable insights in real-time. It’s designed to be easy to use and provides tools that allow users to create dashboards that combine content from multiple data sources and formats.  It offers IoT integration, self-service and predictive analytics, scalability and both broad and deep analytical capabilities.

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