Iridium Teams Up With Magnitude


Companies will join forces to explore advanced NewSpace satellite IoT opportunities.

Handshake with map of the world in backgroundIridium Communications announced it signed of a Memorandum of Understanding with satellite company Magnitude Space. The signing is the result of Iridium’s interest in exploring partnerships with players in the SmallSat low power arena.

The companies will begin discussions on how to jointly expand opportunities for space-based IoT services with Low Power Global Area Network (LPGAN) technologies.
“We are excited to begin exploring how we can work with and benefit from a cooperation with Iridium.  They are arguably the first successful NewSpace player, and have made LEO their successful home when others said it couldn’t be done,” said Ernst Peter Hovinga, CEO, Magnitude Space.

Iridium is an ideal partner

“As we evolve as a company, we feel that Iridium is an ideal partner for us. They set the standard for low earth satellite network operations, and support a vast distribution and technology partner ecosystem for satellite IoT customers,” Hovinga said.

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“Since Iridium primarily serves the requirements of customers with fully global, low-latency needs, and we plan to meet the needs of companies requiring low-power monitoring services, we are truly complementary in our respective approaches.  We intend to commercially launch in Q2 of 2018,” Hovinga said.

Amsterdam-based Magnitudheye Space said it isn’t planning to build a network of 18-24 small satellites that will deliver LPGAN connectivity to remote areas across the globe. The technology can be used in a variety of ways, including monitoring livestock and soil moisture levels. Magnitude offers low power and low cost solutions with long battery life.

Diversifying IoT portfolio

Iridium stated that it would like to diversify their IoT portfolio with low power opportunities for more options for its IoT partners.

Iridium is in the process of launching its next-generation constellation, Iridium NEXT, which will enable Iridium Certus, the company’s state-of-the-art communications platform supporting a portfolio of critical communications solutions.

Specifically, for Iridium IoT services, Iridium Certus will support faster speeds and higher throughputs, delivering an enhanced version of the low latency satellite connectivity it provides today. All Iridium IoT services are compatible with Iridium NEXT, the company said in their announcement.

For more information about Magnitude Space.

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