Kinetica Partners with NVIDIA to ‘Turbo-Charge’ Tableau


Kinetica GPU database on NVIDIA DGX station eliminates database query delays accelerate Tableau.

Turbocharger concept vectorKinetica announced it is teaming up with NVIDIA DGX Station and InterWorks to deliver a new business intelligence platform designed to eliminate database query delays so that users can make faster data-driven decisions.

The company said in its announcement that the new product will give users the tools they need to modernize their underlying databases to take full advantage of the insights Tableau (an InterWorks partner) provides. Customers can explore even their largest data sets and quickly connect to tables, rows and columns, resulting in fast real-time dashboards, reporting and machine learning.

The power of NVIDIA, Kinetica and Tableau

“With the processing power of NVIDIA’s DGX Station and Kinetica’s GPU-accelerated database turbo-charging Tableau, users can simultaneously ingest, explore, analyze, and visualize data within milliseconds to make critical decisions and find efficiencies, lower cost, generate new revenue, and improve customer experience,” said Amit Vij, CEO and cofounder, Kinetica.

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“Traditional computing solutions for business data analytics are having a hard time keeping up amid the huge increase in data available to businesses from sensors, social media feeds and the internet of things,” said Jim McHugh, vice president and general manager of DGX Systems, NVIDIA, “This new solution powered by Kinetica modernizes business intelligence by removing data bottlenecks created by slow queries.”

Self-service speed

Kinetica touts the new platform as fitting into existing BI landscapes as a self-service “speed layer. Kinetica’s distributed, in-memory, scale-out architecture, BI query performance improves as queries can run across multiple computers in parallel. SQL queries are able to leverage this enhanced parallel compute automatically before any additional database tuning. Users can point Tableau workbooks to Kinetica and leverage Kinetica’s ODBC and JDBC connectivity along with SQL-92 support to accelerate Tableau workbooks, the announcement stated.

The platform is currently available.

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