Litmus Automation Opens Enrollment for First IIoT Training Class


Litmus’ IIoT training class will be the first one of its kind of their technology and will be held at their HQ in San Jose, CA.

Industrial Internet of Things platform provider, Litmus Automation, is launching its first LitmusConnect Training this week, with registration is now open for their first training opportunity in early April. The program is designed to offer in-depth training focused on Litmus product offerings in order to assist people in becoming Edge and Cloud IIoT project leaders.

The program will discuss LoopEdge, including information about network requirements, image writing, connecting to PLCs, collecting data from PLCs and sending the data to LoopCloud. This hands-on training opportunity with LoopCloud and LoopInsights will assist trainees in understanding how to best utilize IIoT data. Trainees will also learn about gateways and embedded devices.

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“We have a lot of demand for in-depth training on our products. Many customers want to implement an IIoT project but lack the in-house expertise to do so. Our products are easy to use and this training can help someone without a lot of IoT experience get a project up and running with a reasonable budget and timeframe,” shares Vatsal Shah, the CEO/Co-founder of Litmus Automation.

Those who attend this training event will earn an industry-recognized certification from Litmus Automation and discounted LoopCloud and LoopEdge products. LitmusConnect Training will include an IIoT-enabled Intel device, with a one-year LoopEdge license. Trainees can use their own hardware or request to borrow one, for a less expensive training price. The application deadline is April 7, 2018. The application can be found at

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