Microsoft Acquires Metanautix


Metanautix created the Quest data compute engine that enables scalable SQL access to any data.

In a Dec, 18 blog post, Microsoft announced that it has acquired data management company Metanautix, the company behind the Quest data compute engine that enables scalable SQL access to any data.

In their post, Microsoft said it believes the company’s technology can help their customers bring all their various data sources together and “connect the data supply chain” regardless of where, what or how large their data sources are. Metanautix technology helps companies to connect data across public and private clouds and integrate a variety of services including Salesforce, SQL Server, Oracle and Teradata.

In a blog post of his own, Metanautix CEO Theo Vassilakis said, “Metanautix started out with the vision to integrate the data supply chain by building the Quest data compute engine that enables scalable SQL access to any data. Three years in, we can take this work to the next level by joining forces with Microsoft. We look forward to being part of Microsoft’s important efforts with Azure and SQL Server to give enterprise customers a unified view of all of their data across cloud and on-premises systems.”

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Microsoft said it will reveal in the coming months how the Metanautix technology will be integrated in the Cortana Analytics Suite and the rest of the company’s data platform, and that it considers it a crucial part of their continuing efforts to build an intelligent cloud.

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