Mozilla IoT? Four Projects Announced


From Firefox to the IoT.

Mozilla, best known for the Firefox browser, announced March 1 that it is moving ahead with its plans to reinvent its now defunct Firefox OS for business platform into an IoT strategy. To begin, they’ve announced the launch of four IoT projects:

Project Link: Mozilla plans to create a personalized user agent for IoT devices. It would allow users to personalize how they wish to interact with their devices, and Mozilla states that security would be a priority.

Project Sensor Web: The company is looking for contributors to help them build a crowdsourced pm2.5 sensor network to measure air pollution. The data would be accessible by everyone according to the project’s Mozilla Wiki page, and provide more accurate and pinpointed data.

“SensorWeb is a blueprint to enable many hyper local uses cases and make sure everyone gets to access that data. It can be the real-time air quality of their neighboring street, the current wait time at their favorite cafe, water quality from rivers close to the village, etc.,” the company wrote on their Wiki page.

Project Smart Home: Mozilla calls this the “middle ground” between solutions like Apple’s Homekit and more grassroots efforts like the Raspberry Pi on the project’s page. They go on to describe the platform as a combination of easy-to-follow rules and affordable hardware to create a new platform to managing a smart home’s many IoT devices.

Vaani: The final project is a Siri or Echo-like voice interface for IoT devices. On the project’s page, Mozilla said they plan to offer an “IoT enabler” package to developers, manufacturers and end users who want the convenience of a voice interface with their devices.

Mozilla is looking for contributors for all these projects and says those interested can contact their connected devices participation team for more information.

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