Nationwide’s ‘Bionic’ Customer Service Push


Nationwide creates bionic team members that provide an individual associate serving a customer a team of bots to perform all of the mundane work in a very rapid way.

Nationwide, the Columbus, Ohio-based insurance and financial services company, wants customers to know that when the chips are down, it will be there with a subtle mixture of empathy and logistical prowess powered by “bionic” technology.

In an insurance market glutted with too-clever advertisements, reptilian mascots, and promises of lower costs, Nationwide is instead betting that its end-user customers (Nationwide calls them “members”) will join and remain loyal to a company that tries to live by the time-honored mantra of exceeding customer expectations.

Across its 11 divisions, which include whole life, fire, auto insurance, and investments, as well as a raft of business services, the company is rallying around the shared vision that “extraordinary care is our North Star,” said Amy Shore, the company’s chief customer officer, during an interview.


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