Optimizing Business Processes for Internet of Things

Innova UEV Dash

Many enterprises have implemented an initial Internet of Things (IoT) basic device connectivity strategy in their products. However, truly unlocking the value from the IoT for the extended enterprise requires smart product engineering, full stakeholder engagement and process integration. Here, RTInsights Editorial Director Suzanne Kattau summarizes a recent webinar about transforming your enterprise by applying the IoT across the value chain.

Recently, IoT experts from Bosch Software Innovations spoke on a webinar entitled, “IoT for the Extended Enterprise: Process Integration, Stakeholder Engagement and Device Engineering about the required product engineering, platform and enterprise needs for optimizing business processes for the IoT.

These insights were shared during the webinar by Matthew Jennings, Regional President at Bosch Software Innovations in the Americas and Troy Schilling, Sales and Marketing Manager at Bosch Software Innovations. Jennings and Schilling were joined by Roman Kuropas, founder and CEO of Innova UEV, an automobile manufacturer of the Dash, a smart, sustainable and fully connected Urban Electric Vehicle (UEV) for cities, campuses and communities.

Jennings and Schilling touched on six topics during the webinar:

1) how to engineer smart and connected products that can provide information for stakeholders across the value chain,

2) the platform requirements for extending the value of IoT implementations,

3) case studies on how integrated IoT environments boost competitiveness including real-world examples of the IoT in remote diagnostics and telematics,

4) how the appropriate device engineering and IoT platform environments will have a tremendous impact on developing new products,

5) how organizations interact with digital products and,

6) how to apply new business rules for customer engagement.

Internet of Things for the Extended Enterprise

“Our partnership with Verizon Wireless and with what Bosch is doing really enables us to provide real-time impact and real-time connectivity to the user and to the experience,” said Kuropas. “And that’s key for our success.”

“One of the things we’ve talked about from the onset is that it’s one thing to connect the device; it’s also another thing to glean value and data from that device that is going to be meaningful to the organization,” said Jennings. “So, what we have really learned from our perspective is that you have to have some engineering expertise to tie into a digital product life cycle, if you will.”

Next, Schilling talked about what Bosch Engineering does and how it relates to what Kuropas is doing with Innova.

Internet of Things

Slide #3 from the webinar

Innova UEV’s Digital Product Life Cycle

Internet of Things

Slide #4 from the webinar

To hear the entire webinar, visit it at “IoT for the Extended Enterprise: Process Integration, Stakeholder Engagement, and Device Engineering.”

Webinar slides and photos of the Dash courtesy of Bosch Software Innovations.

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