Parallel Wireless and Robin Systems Working on Virtualized Analytics


The collaboration will allow global CSPs to manage their big data analytics under the same network function virtualization orchestration umbrella.

End to end 2G, 3G, and 4G open radio access network solution provider Parallel Wireless announced it is entering a partnership with container based Application-Defined Infrastructure (ADI) software provider Robin Systems and analytics platform provider Incorta. The collaboration will allow global CSPs to manage their big data analytics under the same Network Function Virtualization orchestration umbrella. They will also be able to incorporate real-time visibility into their networks, with the end goal being to improve both operational efficiency and end-user experience.

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The growing popularity of 5G will mean even more massive volumes of IoT data and the need for real-time network orchestration. Parallel said the new collaborative platform, dubbed the world’s first real-time, vAnalytics for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G, NFV-based, will include:

  • Parallel Wireless HetNet Gateway: Incorporates VNFs and operates on a variety of virtualization platforms. Provides network data for users, devices, and processes over cellular networks, especially at the edge.
  • Robin Systems Cloud Platform: Delivers a virtual infrastructure that is flexible and scalable. It’s powered by container technology and is designed to simplify deployment of big data pools.
  • Incorta’s Version 3.0: The newest version of this platform claims to query 500% more than previous versions, increasing its data to analytics service. It’s powered by a Direct Data Mapping engine.

Robin Systems, Premal Buch, CEO, said, “We are excited to bring Robin’s robust platform to containerize this breakthrough vAnalytics solution. With Robin’s highly scalable virtualized platform enabling Big Data lakes as micro-services, Incorta’s ability to process data in seconds, and HetNet Gateway’s intelligent SON VNF capabilities, MNOs now not only can get a real-time Analytics solution as a VNF for any type of traffic, including end user and IoT, but also automate any network decisions. This allows operators to unify their network infrastructure, reduce costs, and simplify deployments.”

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