Ready for Hadoop? TDWI Will Test If You Are


Online survey assesses state of readiness for Hadoop.

Hadoop popularity within the enterprise is skyrocketing. The number of Hadoop clusters in production has reportedly risen 60 percent in the past two years as it becomes a fixture in warehouses and other data ecosystems.

To help organizations easily determine if they are ready to implement Hadoop, data research and education firm TDWI has released a new readiness assessment tool. In a Dec 8 blog post, TDWI explained that the tool uses five distinct dimensions to determine the readiness score:

  • Organizational readiness- does the organization’s upper management demonstrate commitment to Hadoop? Are there data governance programs in place? Have use cases for Hadoop been identified and agreed upon?
  •  Big data readiness- assesses previous experience with enterprise data management solutions.
  •  Data management readiness- does the organization have a well-established data management team and infrastructure in place? What skills and experience does that team have?
  •  Analytics readiness- assesses prior team experience with analytics.
  •  IT readiness- does the organization have an IT or BI team ready to deploy Hadoop? Does it have the skills needed to own and maintain it?

The tool is available here.

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