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Real-time Analytics News for Week Ending November 19

real time analytics news

In this week’s real-time analytics news: NVIDIA offers an HPC platform that combines edge computing and AI.

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NVIDIA introduced a high-performance computing platform that combines edge computing and AI to capture and consolidate streaming data from scientific edge instruments and then allow the devices to talk to each other over long distances. The platform consists of three major components. NVIDIA Holoscan is a software development kit that data scientists and domain experts can use to build GPU-accelerated pipelines for sensors that stream data. MetroX-3 is a new long-haul system that extends the connectivity of the NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand platform. And NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs provide secure and intelligent data migration.

In other NVIDIA news, the company announced a multi-year collaboration with Microsoft to build an AI supercomputer powered by Microsoft Azure’s advanced supercomputing infrastructure combined with NVIDIA GPUs, networking, and a full stack of AI software to help enterprises train, deploy, and scale AI, including large, state-of-the-art models.

Comet announced a new product: Kangas. Open sourced to democratize large-scale visual dataset exploration and analysis for the computer vision and machine learning community, Kangas helps users understand and debug their data in a new and highly intuitive way. With Kangas, visualizations are generated in real time; enabling ML practitioners to group, sort, filter, query, and interpret their structured and unstructured data to derive meaningful information and accelerate model development.

Fractal announced the launch of Building on the company’s existing AI capabilities, is a purpose-built interconnected AI solution for consumer goods, manufacturing, and retail. The solution brings together advanced data science capabilities and a team of experienced industry personnel to deliver a product that produces the efficiency and results that consumer goods and retail brands need today.

Real-time analytics news in brief

Aerospike announced a new release ofAerospike 6 running on AWS Graviton2-powered Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. Aerospike 6 on AWS Graviton2 delivers proven price-performance benefits of up to an 18% increase in throughput while maintaining up to a 27% reduction in cost. Aerospike 6, running on AWS Graviton2–powered Amazon EC2 instances joins the recently announced Aerospike Cloud and the successful Aerospike Cloud Managed Service to allow customers to innovate further in the cloud.

Alluxio announced the immediate availability of version 2.9 of its Data Orchestration Platform. This new release strengthens its position as the key layer between compute engines and storage systems by delivering support for a scale-out, multi-tenant architecture with a new cross-environment synchronization feature, enhanced manageability with improvement in the tooling and guidelines for deploying Alluxio on Kubernetes, and improved security and performance with a strengthened S3 API and POSIX API.

Alteryx announced the Early Access of the easy-to-use Designer experience in the Alteryx Analytics Cloud to make analytics accessible to all users. The new Designer interface will be powered by the Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform, meaning all cloud users will have access to the browser-based no-code analytics tool, with in-database pushdown processing for cloud data warehouses.

Aunalytics announced it has initiated Enterprise Analytics, a managed service comprised of experts in data analytics, data engineering, AI, and machine learning, coupled with the tools and technology required to help enterprise businesses accomplish their objectives and achieve success. Enterprise Analytics delivers several advantages, including managed analytics services to overcome the difficulty in hiring and retaining the talent needed for an analytics program; industry-specific analytics with predictive capabilities built by Aunalytics’ data scientists, transactional data mining; and more.

Canonical announced the availability of new enterprise-grade Ubuntu images designed for next-gen Intel IoT platforms. Purpose-built for industrial environments and use cases, the latest Ubuntu images on Intel hardware deliver the performance, safety, and end-to-end security enterprises needed in industrial environments. The industrial-grade images are available for both Desktop and Server Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and 22.04 LTS.

CloudFabrix announced the availability of Composable Search and Log Intelligence as a service (LIaaS) to reduce Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) costs and Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR). LlaaS is effective in implementing cyber security mandates for log retention and preventing security breaches by optimizing SIEM, predictive business analytics, incident response, cloud automation, and orchestration.

D4t4 Solutions announced Celebrus CDI for Salesforce, a Customer Data Integration (CDI) application on Salesforce AppExchange. Celebrus CDI empowers customers with real-time, first-party digital data needed to close identity and data gaps. The app offers two levels of service for customers to choose from based on data capture and signal requirements.

Databricks announced the availability of MLflow 2.0. Features and improvements include extensions to MLflow Recipes (formerly MLflow Pipelines) such as AutoML, hyperparameter tuning, and classification support, as well modernized integrations with the ML ecosystem, a streamlined MLflow Tracking UI, a refresh of core APIs across MLflow’s platform components, and much more.

Dynam.AI announced a new capability available to all clients: Context Augmented Machine Learning (CAML). CAML leverages scientific “first principles” and the laws of physics, human behavior, and macroeconomic conditions to simulate the physical world for more realistic, trustworthy analytics. This allows industrial businesses to automate manual processes, improving their critical decision making.

Dynatrace announced that it is extending its Grail causational data lakehouse to power business analytics. As a result, the Dynatrace platform can instantly capture business data from first and third-party applications at a massive scale without requiring engineering resources or code changes. It prioritizes business data separately from observability data and stores, processes, and analyzes this data while retaining the context of the complex cloud environments where it originated.

Edge Delta announced the launch of a free version of its product. Edge Delta Free Edition provides an intelligent and highly automated monitoring and troubleshooting experience for applications and services running in Kubernetes. It can be deployed in a manner of minutes and is optimized for monitoring dynamic and distributed Kubernetes environments. It automates many of the repetitive manual tasks associated with monitoring and observability, so engineers can spend more time on their core tasks.

eschbach, the provider of Shiftconnector digital manufacturing software for process manufacturing, announces that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now an integral component of its enterprise platform. Now with AI search engine capabilities, Shiftconnector will bring a new level of intelligence to the plant floor.

Fauna announced Intelligent Routing, providing developers a single endpoint to access any database, anywhere across Fauna’s global footprint. All applications built on or migrated to Fauna utilize Intelligent Routing to scale applications globally while staying compliant with data residency requirements. This new offering determines the most efficient way to route requests and queries to databases across geographies and cloud providers.

Fiberplane announced the public beta of their real-time collaboration tool for site reliability engineers. Fiberplane allows users to integrate data sources from their observability stack to get to the heart of problems quickly and collaboratively. Fiberplane gives users the freedom to query, visualize and control any system in their infrastructure. It allows companies to coordinate their distributed teams by sharing information on its collaborative, multi-user tool.

ForgeRock announced its new ForgeRock Identity Governance solution, a comprehensive cloud-native governance offering designed to help solve security and compliance challenges for large enterprises at scale. By converging ForgeRock Identity Governance with the company’s Identity and Access Management platform, enterprises gain efficiencies and cost savings with the ability to manage, secure, and govern identities throughout their entire lifecycle – all from a single platform.

Gurobi Optimization announced the release of Gurobi Optimizer 10.0. This release provides customers with a boost to its speed, the ability to embed machine learning models directly into Gurobi optimization models, and new tools for model development, monitoring, and advanced diagnosis – so users can solve new types of problems even faster than before. announced several product enhancements designed to further democratize AI by improving the ability of non-technical analysts to use the company’s technology. One new item is The Driverless AI Wizard, an interactive tool designed to help both citizen data scientists and experienced users maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their AI models. In addition, announced updates to its new labeling tool for deep learning use cases called Label Genie, including zero-shot learning, support for audio uses, and more.

Heap announced the release of Journeys, a tool that visually maps the paths users take through a digital product. Journeys combines many features into an integrated workflow, including visual maps, data science, and integrated session replay. This gives businesses the power to understand everything users do on their site or product.

Infragistics announced the launch of Infragistics Ultimate 22.2, the company’s flagship UX and UI product for design and development teams. The newest release of Infragistics Ultimate delivers significant enhancements, including high-speed RAD development with App Builder and a brand-new set of high-performance Blazor data grids, including Data Grid, Tree Grid, Hierarchical Grid, and Pivot Grid.

MinIO announced support for several new features Microsoft SQL Server 2022. One of the biggest benefits afforded by the new features set is the ability to query data where it resides without incurring the expense and complexity associated with moving it. Additionally, MinIO and SQL Server 2022 users can now read, write, and process big data using Transact-SQL or Spark libraries, allowing them to easily combine and analyze high-value relational data with non-relational high-volume big data.

MoEngage announced its new product, MoEngage Inform, a unified messaging infrastructure that enables brands to build and manage multichannel transactional alerts through one API. Inform makes transactional alert management seamless so brands can focus more on delivering the cohesive, time-sensitive messages that consumers want. Inform’s single API requires a one-time setup, freeing up engineering bandwidth and pushing control to the product or marketing teams.

Provectus announced the v0.8 release of its First Open-Source Data Discovery (ODD) and Observability Platform. The latest version introduces enhanced granular role-based access control (RBAC) with policy management, offers support options for OpenDataDiscovery profilers and filters by Data Entity Groups (DEG), as well as presents renewed capabilities for data collaboration. 

Red Hat announced the general availability of Migration Toolkit for Applications 6, which is based on the open-source project Konveyor and is aimed at helping customers accelerate large-scale application modernization efforts. The toolkit enables customers to better assess, prioritize and modernize their applications across hybrid cloud environments on Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading Kubernetes platform.

Snorkel AI introduced Data-centric Foundation Model Development for enterprises to unlock complex, performance-critical use cases with GPT-3, RoBERTa, T5, and other foundation models. With this launch, teams can overcome adaptation and deployment challenges by creating large, domain-specific datasets to fine-tune foundation models and using them to build smaller, specialized models deployable within governance and cost constraints. New capabilities for Data-centric Foundation Model Development are available within Snorkel Flow, the company’s flagship platform, in preview.

TigerGraph announced the latest version of TigerGraph Cloud, its native parallel graph database-as-a-service. The new version features two powerful new tools for visual graph analytics and machine learning. TigerGraph Insights, an intuitive visual graph analytics tool for users to search and explore meaningful business insights, and ML Workbench, a Python-based framework to accelerate the development of graph-enhanced machine learning applications, are available today to TigerGraph Cloud users.

Tufin announced the release of Tufin Enterprise, which includes Tufin’s popular SecureCloud SaaS solution. The new release delivers a reimagined cloud-native security policy management console and a new integration with Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Advantech and Actility announce the launch of a new integrated AI-based solutionsupporting the machine operation team in realizing machine prognostics and health management. It allows users to monitor multi machines’ status in one stop thanks to the real-time and next seven days’ machine healthy index, including ISO 10816 and degradation level. The new solution is based on the Advantech WISE-2410 vibration sensor, the high-performance WISE-6610 LoRaWAN gateway, Actility’s ThingPark Enterprise IoT network management platform, and the advanced Advantech’ iMachine/PHM application, and is now available under Trial Kit form on Actility’s IoT marketplace: ThingPark Market.

Aiven announced that it is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. That availability in the Azure marketplace makes it possible for businesses and developers to get instant access to the Aiven platform on a pay-as-you-go basis and utilize their Azure account for procurement and billing. That allows Aiven customers to take advantage of the productive and trusted Azure cloud platform, with streamlined deployment and management.

Grafana Labs announced a partnership with Google Cloud to enable observability of operational data associated with highly secure cloud workloads via integration with Google Distributed Cloud Hosted. This new partnership makes it easy for Google Cloud customers to observe their cloud workloads with Grafana Labs’ open-source technologies, including Grafana for visualization and Loki for log aggregation.

Talend announced today a partnership with Passerelle and Snowflake to provide new vertical solutions for delivering healthy data to organizations worldwide. Built on Talend Data Fabric and Snowflake’s Data Cloud, Passerelle’s Data Rocket provides a scalable architecture that delivers governed data ingestion, trusted stewardship, cloud-based storage, and on-demand visual analytics based on the foundation of healthy data. New Data Rocket vertical solutions will be tailored for key vertical markets, beginning with financial services.

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