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Real-time Analytics News for Week Ending December 10

real time analytics news

In this week’s real-time analytics news: Argo has graduated from CNCF Incubator project status, joining the ranks of other efforts, including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy.

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The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced the graduation of Argo, which will join other graduated projects such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy. The Argo Project enables organizations to deploy and run cloud-native applications and workflows on Kubernetes using GitOps. It consists of four Kubernetes-native sub-projects, including Argo WorkflowsArgo EventsArgo CD, and Argo Rollouts. The solution was created and open sourced in 2017 by Applatix, which was acquired by Intuit. The Argo project was accepted into the CNCF Incubator in April 2020. Intuit, along with BlackRock – which contributed Argo Events to the project – have been heavily involved in the development and cultivation of the project and the community.

The Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute), which helps organizations advance responsible AI maturity and prepare for regulations, announced several new members. Among those joining the institute are Amazon Web Services (AWS), AI Responsibility Lab, CalypsoAI, CareRev, FAIRLY AI, SeekOut, and SkyHive. In addition to joining the RAI Institute, AWS demonstrates its commitment and leadership with the recently announced AWS AI Service Cards, a new resource to enhance transparency.

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Yugabyte announced new product features with the availability of YugabyteDB 2.17 and enhancements to YugabyteDB Managed. New features in YugabyteDB 2.17 help power an enterprise’s business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy. The release introduces new APIs for xCluster to support planned and unplanned failovers. In addition, YugabyteDB Anywhere simplifies the challenges of data protection with built-in support and controls for Yugabyte’s xCluster Replication technology. New enhancements in YugabyteDB Managed help meet regional compliance requirements by providing simplified self-service geo-partitioning, improved customer experience with low latency access through read replicas, and a new free trial of production clusters.

Opaque Systems announced advancements in Confidential AI and Analytics with the unveiling of its platform. The Opaque Platform enables data scientists to securely share data and perform collaborative analytics directly on encrypted data protected by Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs). The platform further accelerates Confidential Computing use cases by enabling data scientists to leverage their existing SQL and Python skills to run analytics and machine learning while working with confidential data. 

Sponsored: InfinyOn, a real-time event streaming company, has had a busy month. The company raised $5M in a round of seed funding, introduced the v0.10 beta release of its InfinyOn Cloud platform, and announced a strategic technology agreement with the intelligent pipeline monitoring company Klarian to drive innovation in the energy sector with real-time data and actionable insights. Read more

Real-time analytics news in brief

Arcion, the creator of the cloud-native, CDC-based data replication platform, announced that it has achieved SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 certifications and is also fully HIPAA compliant. The SOC 2 Type 1 and 2 certifications attest to Arcion’s adherence to gold standard protocols for protecting the privacy and security of data both at rest and in transit. The SOC 2 Type 1 audit validates compliance based on a snapshot in time, whereas the SOC 2 Type 2 certificate validates the effectiveness of Arcion’s controls over an extended period of time.

Arcitecta unveiled Mediaflux Point in Time, a new backup and recovery approach that redefines data resilience at scale. Powered by Arcitecta’s Mediaflux data fabric, Point in Time offers metadata-based data protection that secures data at scale, expedites data recovery, and eliminates the significant cost and business impact of lost data. It also provides a strong first line of defense against crypto locking with the ability to roll back ransomware attacks with its unprecedented recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO).

Copado launched the DevOps Exchange, a DevOps marketplace for enterprise SaaS solutions. The pre-built solutions from Copado, its partners, and the Copado community extend and enhance the features of Copado’s DevOps platform for Salesforce. With more than 40 initial listings, the Copado DevOps Exchange is a one-stop shop for customers to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

InRule Technology announced the advancement of batch processing capabilities that empower organizations to process massive quantities of data in a predictable time span. InRule’s batch processing capability leverages its automated decisioning technology to process hundreds of millions of records in support of time-sensitive data transformation or business outcome-focused initiatives.

Satori unveiled its new Access Manager within its data security platform. Access Manager is a centralized place for Satori customers to manage data use and track the percentage of ungoverned traffic, which is data that is accessed without privacy policies applied, all within one screen. Access Manager significantly reduces data engineering and DevOps time and costs associated with managing, granting, and revoking data access; simplifies gathering insights into who is accessing what data and for what purpose; and provides a better end-user experience.

TriggerMesh announced Shaker, a new open-source AWS EventBridge alternative project. The new release provides many of the same capabilities as AWS EventBridge but is open-source, can run anywhere that has Docker or Kubernetes, and is designed to capture events from all cloud providers as well as SaaS or custom applications. Shaker captures, transforms, and delivers events from many out-of-the-box and custom event sources in a unified manner.

Vericast announced the debut of its Market Intelligence Platform, a financial industry-first data visualization dashboard that delivers real-time insights to enable smarter marketing decisions and optimize spend. The platform leverages multiple data sources, artificial intelligence, and advanced proprietary technology to provide insights into real-time consumer behavior at the household and neighborhood level. Additionally, Vericast’s proprietary Consumer Graph technology, powered by billions of data signals across millions of households, provides insights and predictions on consumer intent to purchase.

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Deloitte announced the formation of Olympus with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a global investment fund focused on building industry cloud solutions. This initiative combines the engineering and industry domain knowledge of Deloitte with the security and scale of AWS to co-innovate and engineer solutions in key industries, employing the principles of modern software engineering.

Airbyte announced a deeper partnership with dbt Labs. The integration brings together two of the leading open-source products in the data ecosystem, making it simpler than ever to move and transform data while minimizing the risk of lock-in. The partnership now includes a new integration that allows dbt Cloud customers to trigger dbt jobs from directly within Airbyte Cloud.

Alteryx announced a strategic investment in MANTA, the data lineage company. MANTA enables enterprises to achieve full visibility into complex data environments. Alteryx’s investment in MANTA furthers the company’s commitment to enterprise governance, risk, and compliance and accelerates joint product integration. With the investment, MANTA will be able to bolster product innovation, expand its partner ecosystem, and grow in key markets.

C3 AI and Booz Allen Hamilton, a technology and consulting firm with deep federal mission expertise, announced a new alliance to help federal clients use enterprise AI. The strategic alliance leverages Booz Allen’s position as a provider of AI services for the federal government with a focus on mission-ready AI solutions and C3 AI’s AI applications that accelerate digital transformation, including those with a focus on mission readiness, supply chain logistics, and intelligence analysis.

Calyptia announced the immediate availability of Calyptia Fluent Bit in the AWS Marketplace. Calyptia Fluent Bit is a long-term support version and professional services plan for enterprises running Fluent Bit as part of their IT infrastructure. (Fluent Bit collects, processes, and routes event data from any source to any destination for storage and analysis. It is a vendor-neutral solution and supports all major data backends.) Availability in the marketplace makes it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy the software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Comet and Run:ai announced a new partnership that will help ML practitioners accelerate their workflows and benefit from enhanced support throughout the ML lifecycle. Joint customers gain seamless access to this best-of-breed integrated solution, which couples Comet’s experiment management and model production monitoring with Run:ai’s orchestration, while new customers can fully leverage the integration to get the most from their ML initiatives.

dotData announced that its Feature Factory technology is now fully integrated with and available on Microsoft’s Azure Synapse Analytics, an integrated cloud-native platform for data analytics. This new integration of dotData’s Feature Factory technology with Azure Synapse Analytics allows Azure Synapse users to discover 100X more features easily and quickly, derive deeper insights, and build more accurate models.

Ensono announced that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Mainframe Modernization Competency status. This designation recognizes that Ensono has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success automating and accelerating customer mainframe application migration and modernization journeys. Ensono is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and previously achieved an AWS Migration Consulting Competency.

Hasura announced a new integration for Snowflake that allows mutual customers to instantly create a GraphQL data API on the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform. Available now in beta for Hasura Cloud and Enterprise users, this read-only integration significantly reduces the time necessary to connect multiple data sources, accelerating embedded analytics for customer-facing applications and enabling rapid development of internal applications and integrations leveraging Snowflake-aggregated data.

HiveMQ announced that the HiveMQ MQTT platform has been listed in the Eclipse Foundation’s Sparkplug Compatible program. The designation validates the HiveMQ MQTT platform as fully Sparkplug compliant and aware while providing reliable and scalable IIoT messaging support for Industry 4.0 projects. As one of the founding members of the Sparkplug Working Group at the Eclipse Foundation, HiveMQ helped develop the Sparkplug 3.0 specification and the Sparkplug Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) that allows vendors to easily certify their compatibility.

IBM announced an agreement to acquire Octo, a U.S.-based IT modernization and digital transformation services provider exclusively serving the U.S. federal government. IBM’s acquisition of Octo establishes one of the largest digital transformation partners to the federal government.

Keymakr announced a partnership with Recycleye to help reduce the amount of recyclable materials that go into landfills. Through the collaboration, Keymakr helps Recycleye optimize its waste management sorting tech by developing machine learning (ML) models to label and identify “edge cases.”

KORE announced that it has established a go-to-market alliance with Google Cloud to bring IoT capabilities to global businesses. The alliance brings together KORE’s expertise in IoT deployment with a rich set of services and the ability to orchestrate the IoT ecosystem of devices, global connectivity, and services paired with Google Cloud’s data and analytics.

LumApps announced it has acquired Vizir. Vizir’s no-code technology will integrate new capabilities into the LumApps platform. Powered by Natural Language Understanding (NLU), the advanced digital assistant simulates human dialog to make employee experiences more humanlike and personal. Vizir also brings micro-apps enabling the digital assistant to be used across various channels, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Google Chat.

Microland announced a partnership with Dynatrace, where Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform will become a core component of Microland’s Intelligeni AutomatedOps platform for assisted and augmented IT operations to maintain reliable Quality of Service (QoS) across the enterprise infrastructure estate. 

Quali announced its membership in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Linux Foundation to support the mission to drive the adoption of cloud-native technologies. By joining the groups, the company seeks to increase its commitment to simplifying hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

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