Real-time Analytics News for Week Ending October 23


In this week’s real-time analytics news: Arm unveiled Arm Total Solutions for IoT, TigerGraph teamed with HPE and Xilinx to deliver a bundled system for graph analytics, and more.

Keeping pace with news and developments in the real-time analytics market can be a daunting task. We want to help by providing a summary of some of the items our staff came across each week. Here are some of the news items from this week:

Arm unveiled Arm Total Solutions for IoT, an approach to the Internet of Things (IoT) design that simplifies and modernizes software development, resulting in accelerated time to market at all stages of the IoT value chain and a reduction in product design cycles. Built on the foundations of Arm Corstone, a validated and integrated subsystem that has accelerated time to market for designs from Arm silicon partners, Arm Total Solutions for IoT introduces Arm Virtual Hardware Targets for software developers, OEMs, and service providers. This cloud-based offering delivers a virtual model of the Corstone subsystem to enable software development without the need for physical silicon. Arm Virtual Hardware brings modern agile software development methodologies like continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD), DevOps, and MLOps to IoT and embedded platforms, without having to invest in complex hardware farms. Arm Virtual Hardware is available on AWS Marketplace.

TigerGraph announced it is collaborating with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Xilinx on a solution to make graph analytics capabilities more accessible to enterprises. The bundled solution, which is comprised of HPE ProLiant servers using Xilinx accelerator cards and TigerGraph’s native parallel graph database, delivers 48x faster time-to-insight and an 18% boost in accuracy, providing more effective real-time analytics for things like fraud detection, customer360, and supply chain optimization in manufacturing.

OctoML announced a collaboration with Arm to deploy next-generation machine learning (ML) applications and models across its suite of hardware. The partnership enables Arm partners to upload machine learning models to the OctoML platform and receive optimized and packaged versions of the model fine-tuned to Arm hardware. Arm is also contributing engineering effort to Apache TVM, which provides companies developing ML on Arm technology one unified software stack to deploy models seamlessly across microcontrollers, GPUs, NPUs, and CPUs.

Prosimo enhanced its AXI (Application Experience Infrastructure) Platform with App Transit. The new App Transit features in this release include:

  • Fastlane, which dynamically optimizes performance for latency-sensitive and business-critical applications and lets teams apply optimization techniques for specific applications. 
  • Autonomous Transit, which dynamically adapts to performance issues seen in app-to-app networks and recommends infrastructure expansion, performance, or latency improvements.
  • Dynamic Compliance, which helps ensure industry-specific, local, and international compliance requirements are met.
  • Seamless connectivity for cloud-native services including AWS S3, RedShift, Azure blob, Google Big Query, and more. 

Splunk announced a series of new product innovations led by new enhancements to Splunk Security Cloud and Splunk SOAR. With Splunk Security Cloud, coming soon, customers will have access to new, rich visualizations that allow senior leaders to see key metrics and insights into the overall health of their organization’s security program. Splunk is releasing a new Splunk SOAR App Editor, which provides a new way to edit, test, and create SOAR apps. This provides easy integration and automation between Splunk SOAR and commonly used third-party tools.

Couchbase announced its Couchbase Capella hosted Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offering on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Capella delivers database flexibility for developers and performance at scale for enterprise applications. With Couchbase Capella, users benefit from the latest features in Couchbase Server 7, which fuses aspects of relational databases like SQL queries and distributed ACID transactions with the flexibility of a modern JSON document database. Capella is fully managed and automated. 

Cockroach Labs announced the Beta release of CockroachDB Serverless. The solution delivers a fully elastic cloud data infrastructure fronted by a familiar SQL API. Available immediately with resources provided on-demand, developers are freed from database operations to focus on what matters most–building world-changing applications. In addition, CockroachDB Serverless is free for small production applications and affordably scales with charges only accruing for the exact resources required.

Graylog announced Graylog Security, which is designed to overcome legacy Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) challenges. With SIEM, Anomaly Detection, and User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) capabilities, Graylog’s security solution will provide security teams with greater confidence, productivity, and expertise to mitigate risks caused by Insider Threats, credential-based attacks, and other cyber threats.

IFS announced the latest update to IFS Cloud, which is now generally available. IFS Cloud Sustainability Hub is now available and integrated inside Microsoft Teams. Also available now are new APIs that connect factory machinery with IFS Cloud to deliver a connected shop floor. And new Intelligent Asset Monitoring and Maintenance functionality uses machine learning to improve predictive maintenance capabilities and efficiency. And a new Advanced Analytics feature that is accessible through the user-customizable Lobbies leverages modular tabular analysis models to clearly display business-critical information relevant to the user.

The Inspur Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (Inspur AI Research) unveiled the language model Yuan 1.0. Yuan 1.0 is extremely adept at natural language generating (NLG) tasks. It is capable of generating written content that can pass the Turing Test. Inspur built Yuan 1.0 from the ground up as a Chinese-language model, which required a unique development approach compared to English. This included handling Chinese-specific challenges like tokenizing sentences with the absence of spaces and the lack of a prior high-quality Chinese-language corpus to work from.

Iguazio today announced its support for the new FSx for ONTAP, which provides fully-managed shared file and block storage on AWS Cloud using the data access and management capabilities of ONTAP. The support of FSx for ONTAPprovides customers with enterprise-level data management, advanced storage services including tiering and snapshotting, and high performance and scalability, supporting the most extreme workloads.

Credo AI publicly launched a governance platform for Artificial Intelligence. Credo AI is a single platform for managing compliance and risks of AI deployment at scale. The platform provides tools that help companies ensure their AI systems and machine learning models are aligned with ethical, regulatory, and business requirements.

Embrace announced the launch of its next platform product, Data Intelligence. With Data Intelligence, organizations can now make 100% of their mobile data accessible and actionable by their BI and Data Science teams. With full visibility into all of their mobile user experience data, a company’s engineering, product, and marketing teams can make data-driven decisions around their marketing campaigns and product features.

AnalyticsIQ announced the availability of individual-level marketing data on AWS Data Exchange, a service that makes it easy for millions of Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to securely find, subscribe to, and use external data in the cloud. AnalyticsIQ’s B2B and B2C data, including niche audiences especially valuable for organizations in the auto, finance, health, and wellness, and media industries, is now widely available.

Toucan Toco announced Toucan 2.0, which introduces new modules and capabilities designed to unlock value and streamline data use in every step of the BI lifecycle. New features include AnyConnect, a new connectivity hub with dozens of built-in connectors; YouPrep, a built-in no-code data readiness solution that eliminates the need to purchase data preparation tools; Storytelling Studio, a complete refresh of Toucan’s data storytelling solution; Data Broadcasting to share data stories by embedding analytics into any app, web page, or more; and Action Center, a set of features designed to allow easy annotation, commenting, sharing, and collaboration via Slack or Microsoft Teams; and more.

Lakeside Software introduced Lakeside Prevent, a core application within Lakeside’s updated Digital Experience Cloud platform, that drives service desk transformation from reactive to proactive with comprehensive, real-time analytics intuitive workflows across every link in the IT support chain. Prevent is the next evolution of Lakeside’s artificial intelligence for IT operations solution (AIOps). Together with Assist, Lakeside’s all-in-one help desk workspace, and Resolve, Lakeside’s application for deep root cause analysis and event correlation, Prevent completes the proactive services workflow from level 0 to level 3 and beyond.

Real-time analytics news in brief:

Dremio announced the second delivery in the company’s Dart Initiative, which enables customers to run all mission-critical SQL workloads directly on the cloud data lake. This new Dart Initiative release introduces several more enhancements, including over 5x faster SQL expression processing over previous versions.

Senet announced enhancements to its IoT Marketplace. To support the growing demand for LoRaWAN solutions, including verified sensor-enabled IoT devices, Senet has implemented a tiered device status designation that indicates the level of testing completed on its network. Status designations include pre-test, evaluating, and Senet recommended. This testing provides confidence that devices are compliant with the LoRaWAN standard and will produce predictable and reliable results when deployed.

DAS42 and AtScale announced a partnership to deliver solutions to enterprises implementing modern data platforms. The combination of AtScale’s semantic layer technology and DAS42’s expertise offers a solution for organizations looking to scale their data use while maintaining consistency and establishing a level of control and governance over said data.

Gurobi Optimization announced the availability of the Gurobi Alliance, a new partner program providing communication, training, product, sales, and marketing resources to partners. With the introduction of this new program, Gurobi partners can leverage the dedicated people, resources, and benefits they need to build and deliver successful customer solutions.

SambaNova Systems announced the availability of the company’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) language model included in SambaNova’s Dataflow-as-a-Service for language. Including GPT  increases the capability of SambaNova’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) model and makes it easier for enterprises to jump-start AI language applications.

Virtana announced the availability of its Virtana Platform in AWS Marketplace. Virtana Platform’s delivery in AWS Marketplace gives Global 2000 enterprises the data-driven ability to identify, de-risk, and prioritize workloads, accelerating the migration of workloads in an optimized form to the cloud.

Actian announced the general availability of its newly released DataConnect 12 integration platform. The platform is a versatile, hybrid integration solution that empowers anyone to integrate anything, anywhere, anytime. It enables rapid onboarding and delivers accelerated time to value.

Clarifai announced the launch of the Clarifai Community. The community promotes the sharing of AI assets and fosters collaboration between AI communities. It is a new channel for the distribution of AI as it collects AI resources in one place, including inputs, concepts, annotations, datasets, models, and workflows.

Alteryx announced that it has acquired Silicon Valley-based Lore IO, a no-code AI-enabled data modeling platform to rapidly deploy analytics. The acquisition of Lore IO provides Alteryx with the technical expertise to leverage cloud-native, elastic compute within Alteryx Designer Cloud and Alteryx Machine Learning, allowing customers to analyze large datasets for actionable self-service insights.

ManageEngine, the enterprise IT management division of Zoho Corporation, announced the addition of data loss prevention for endpoints, anti-ransomware, and endpoint compliance capabilities to its unified endpoint management (UEM) solution Desktop Central.

In other Zoho news, the company introduced new apps and services in Zoho One, the operating system for business. The new release empowers businesses to solve disjointed data challenges and close communications gaps across silos, so organizations can become more productive, adapt more quickly to changing business conditions, and become poised for growth. announced a partnership with VerifyTreatment that enables healthcare centers to instantly verify their prospects’ insurance through’s AI-based chat platform. The solution provides accurate answers to consumers’ questions about insurance coverage while enabling healthcare centers to engage with interested applicants and convert more patients.

HAProxy announced HAProxy Data Plane API version 2.4, which seeks to reduce complexity and add freedom to configure the Data Plane API logs with an easy-to-understand API configuration. Version 2.4 improves its e2e tests, revamps how logging in the HAProxy Data Plane API works, adds support for namespace filtering in Consul Service Discovery, improves runtime capabilities for maps and ACLs, adds server-template support, and adds log targets to global and defaults sections.

Observe.AI announced the Intelligent Workforce Platform. The platform transforms contact centers by embedding AI into 100% of customer conversations, optimizing agent performance, and automating repeatable workflows that drive revenue and retention.

Automation Anywhere introduced Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers, a cloud-native, AI-driven automation solution to deliver better customer service faster. The solution is built on top of Automation 360, which is a cloud-native RPA platform and includes AARI, a no-code interface to automate tasks and interactions across multiple systems.

NetApp announced a new release of its ONTAP Data Management Software, which autonomously protects against ransomware attacks based on ML with integrated preemptive detection. The new release also delivers enterprise-grade performance for SAN and modern workloads. The company is also offering more flexible consumption options.

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