RizePoint Powers Quality Management with Blockchain


Quality management software provider RizePoint announced a new solution powered by blockchain.

Quality management software provider RizePoint announced a new solution powered by blockchain.

The new quality management solution allows customers to connect all supplier data with verifiable, single sources of truth.

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RizePoint collects data on all parts of the supply chain, from inspection results to industry certifications. With the new solution, it can provide detailed quality assurance to managers on all sections of the chain, alongside helping to more quickly identify problems and correct noncompliance.

Suppliers are required by their customers to maintain very high standards. RizePoint believes that with this solution, suppliers can improve transparency across the company and to customers.

“Blockchain is the future of supplier quality management,” said Frank Maylett, president and CEO, RizePoint.

“Through complex supply chains with thousands of suppliers, users will be able to track all supplier information in one place and ultimately provide consumer’s transparency about every product they purchase.”

RizePoint’s solution can help suppliers collect relevant certifications, document farm, distribution and manufacturing inspections and track corrective action and respond to non-compliance issues in hours.

“Blockchain is a new way of organizing data-made famous by Bitcoin but its uses go far beyond that,” said Jesse Dowdle, Chief Technology Officer, RizePoint. “When used in food safety, blockchain technology establishes trust, accountability, and transparency across global food supply chains.”

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