Rocana Ops 1.5 Features Limitless Search


New limitless search delivers daily data collection up to 10 times faster, Rocana said.

Rocana has released Rocana Ops 1.5, an update to their data monitoring and IT visibility solution.

According to a June 21 announcement, the update now offers limitless search that claims to deliver daily data collection  up to 10 times faster. Data can be collected from all sources — machine, wire, customer and application — enhancing operational visibility. The limitless search capability also allows both real-time and historical data to be stored online and searched in real-time while leveraging as few resources as possible.

 “Total operational visibility is the catalyst for digital transformation,” said Omer Trajman, CEO and co-founder of Rocana, in a press release. “Today’s digital leaders have total visibility and measure everything from poor customer experiences to inefficient systems — and they leverage this information to drive innovation. With Rocana Ops 1.5, now all enterprise technologists can leverage total operational visibility to create competitive advantage and lead digital transformation.”

The update also features enhanced anomaly detection and increased accuracy. The software immediately drills down to the source of the anomaly, the company stated, allowing issues to be corrected quickly. New date management and type-ahead assistance are also included to help speed resolution times.

The company also announced that Rocana Ops 1.5 now includes integration with Cisco Netflow sources, allowing the capture of network metadata that can be analyzed and correlated with other data sources, allowing operators a complete end-to-end view of what happens whenever a customer interacts with the system. Problems can be identified more expediently, which can keep customer experience from degrading.

More information will be made available in the Rocana Ops 1.5 webcast with CTO Eric Sammer on Thursday, June 23 at 2 p.m. EDT.

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