Sonata Software and Aeris Partner on IoT Solutions for Enterprises


The companies will combine their IoT and mobility platforms.

Sonata Software and IoT solutions provider Aeris announced on Aug. 30 a new partnership to collaborate on next-generation IoT and mobile solutions for enterprises. They’ll do this by combining Aeris’ expertise in IoT with Sonata’s experience in mobile platform and software development.

Aeris markets its IoT platform as an end-to-end solution that allows enterprises to bring IoT solutions to market quickly and efficiently while providing solid security features. The platform includes:

  • AerPort connectivity management platform: a device management portal for IoT and M2M deployments.
  • AerCloud applications enablement platform: a cloud-based platform for analyzing and managing sensor data.
  • AerCore IoT network: provides wireless IoT and M2M connectivity over GSM, CDMA and LTE networks.
  • AerVoyance IoT analytics platform: provides real-time analytics and alerts, predictive analytics and anomaly alerts.

Sonata offers a mobility platform called Halosys, a mobile backend API platform that lets organizations build apps faster. Sonata said that Halosys can extend applications to the edge, as well as offering scalability, security, and conformance with emerging IoT standards. Sonata has use cases with digital transformation in retail and travel; the Halosys platform focuses on health care as well as sales and marketing automation.

The alliance between Sonata and Aeris hopes to bring simplicity to the enterprise as they make the journey into the complex IoT world,” said Mark Aylor, senior director of partner channel at Aeris.

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