The Many Use Cases in an Emerging ‘Industrial Metaverse’


Simulations in a metaverse environment could allow manufacturers to test thousands of potential scenarios for their ecosystems to explore different strategies.

No matter how skeptical one may be about the much-ballyhooed metaverse, there’s no question that the pieces are already in place. Digital twins are gaining momentum, augmented and virtual reality are providing ways to remotely perform tasks, the Internet of things is providing location intelligence, and many companies are experimenting with blockchain or distributed ledger technologies. As its now being pitched by companies such as Meta/Facebook, the metaverse is a highly consumer environment. But can manufacturing companies also benefit by plotting a place in the metaverse? Observers think that’s exactly what’s on the horizon.

It’s possible the various components of the metaverse could all come together into “industrial metaverse” that parallels the existence of an emerging metaverse, the industrial metaverse may take digital twins, for example, to a whole new level. “Simulations in a metaverse environment allow manufacturers to test thousands of potential scenarios for their ecosystems and choose the best strategies for their company,” according to a report in The Manufacturer. “By doing this, they not only have real-time insights into how their equipment is performing, but they can also predict the results of upscaling or downscaling situations even decades from now.”


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