12 Big Data Careers Worth Exploring

big data careers

Want a career in big data? You don’t necessarily have to know Hadoop.

Big data is expected to attract 10 million jobs in the next decade, and you don’t necessarily have to be a data scientist to take advantage of the field.

While big data careers of course include traditional skills such as Hadoop developers and software engineers, the field also has created a growing need for business analysts, experts in data visualization, and business intelligence professionals. These jobs will span various industries and specialties, from marketing to operations and compliance.

For example, in an industry like retail, in-depth customer data provides insights into buying patterns and preferences and allows retailers to customize offers. In finance, big data might be used to help detect fraud, comply with regulations, qualify customers for loans, or remotely service ATMs. In manufacturing or energy, big data might be used to optimize production or improve asset performance.

 By the numbers: big data careers


Infographic courtesy of Simplilearn.


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