VMware Rolls Out Integrated OpenStack 5 To All


VMware announced the general availability of Integrated Openstack 5, which allows customers to run OpenStack platform on top of VMware virtualization.

VMware has announced the general availability of Integrated Openstack 5, which allows customers to easily run OpenStack’s enterprise cloud platform on top of VMware virtualization technologies.

The new update includes features to simplify, scale, and secure production OpenStack environments, according to VMware’s press release. It will be available in two editions, Carrier and Data Center, and is on the OpenStack Queens release.

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Accelerated data plane performance will enable significant improvements in response time, network latency, and network performance. Elastic multi-tenant scaling gives resource guarantee and isolation to each tenant, alongside providing elastic resource scaling that adds resources dynamically, adapting to alternative conditions.

VMware’s Integrated OpenStack 5 supports “in a box” 5G and edge computing deployment and has its own solutions to help customers tackle enterprise use cases. It also has self-driving operations and service assurance that provides real-time insights, and advanced workload analytics.

“We continue to be a leader in OpenStack innovation by being one of the first companies to update to the latest OpenStack Queens, and we continue in our relentless dedication to providing CSPs, mobile operators, cloud providers, and enterprises the fastest path to successful, production OpenStack deployment,” said Gabriele Di Piazza, vice president of products and solutions at VMware.

“VMware Integrated OpenStack 5 will enable customers to achieve the massive scale required to power Telco and private clouds globally, and address NFV and edge computing use cases as telecom networks evolve towards 5G.”

VMware is expected to launch the distribution on August 3, 2018. Pricing was not included in the announcement.

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