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Webinar: Business Resilience from a Responsive Architecture


Embracing an agile architecture not only helps businesses ride out the pandemic but will enable innovation in the long term.

In a time of great disruptions from many directions, the stakes have never been higher for enterprises. The challenge is to employ information technology in new and creative ways to deliver superior customer experiences, superior user experiences, and maintain competitive edge. 

With the challenge comes the opportunity for business and technology leaders to think differently, and to formulate forward-looking strategies that optimizes the technology they have and the technology they need to have for the future.  

To discuss this topic, Kevin Larsen, senior manager with TIBCO Software, and Alessandro Chimera, director of digitalization strategy at TIBCO, recently joined RTInsights analyst Joe McKendrick for a webinar on how enterprises can achieve agility and resiliency in the midst of turbulent times.  

“Traditional monolithic architectures are difficult to maintain,” says Chimera. “As more functionalities are introduced, they end up being too complex and too large. To open up for innovation and be agile, the cloud is imperative. [With] A modern responsive architecture, it is possible to process business events as they arrive. It allows you to scale horizontally when more unpredictable loads put systems under pressure, and scale back to free up resources when less load is there.”

This webinar discusses:

  • Managing in today’s disruptive times: From survival to resilience to innovation.
  • What is meant by agility and how an agile architecture means an agile business.
  • How to achieve a modern application architecture.

Click here to watch this webinar and learn how IT is a powerful force multiplier for succeeding in today’s economy in new and innovative ways.

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