Zenedge Announces Machine Learning Solution for Real-Time Threat Protection


New platform will detect malicious activity without the need to rely on signatures.

 Zenedge, a cybersecurity solution provider, has announced the launch of ZENEDGE AI, a web application firewall that uses artificial intelligence to automatically update security protocols. It inspects web traffic in real-time to detect suspicious behaviors and anomalies and responds to them instantly to protect web-based applications.

 “There’s no universal mathematical model to describe malicious user behavior, which is why the signature-based model used by many legacy web application security vendors is so prone to false positives,” said Leon Kuperman, CTO of ZENEDGE. “By combining machine learning algorithms with a data-driven model in ZENEDGE AI, our platform can now detect cyber threats and behavior anomalies in real-time, and update security postures dynamically without any need for human intervention.”

The platform will continuously learn what legitimate and malicious behaviors look like and will find and identify patterns such as those in common web attacks like SQL injection and XSS. The application is currently in beta testing and is expected to be available in Q2 of this year.

RTInsightsTake: Web app security is a serious problem. In their recently released Cyber Risk Report 2016, HP found that of the 7,000 web applications it analyzed, 35 percent had a severe or high risk security vulnerability. The main problems were weak SSL, which afflicted 25 percent of the apps, and system information leaks, which affected 50 percent of the web apps.

“We already know how to write secure software. We’ve been doing it on the traditional computing side more than a decade,” said Jewel Timpe, senior manager, security research communications at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “And yet many app developers still don’t cover the basics of security. It’s a problem that we’ve already solved but it’s still hurting us.”

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