Barnes & Noble Education Acquires LoudCloud Systems


LoudCloud’s real-time analytics technology will be added to the company’s planned educational platform.

In a post on their website, Barnes & Noble Education, a provider of on-campus bookstores for schools and colleges around the country, announced today that they have acquired LoudCloud Systems. LoudCloud is a digital platform and analytics provider for K-12 and higher education.

“Its software captures and analyzes key behavioral and performance metrics from students, allowing educators to monitor and improve student outcomes. These real-time analytics and a comprehensive dashboard allow educators to identify and correct student challenges prior to traditional measured outcomes,” Barnes and Noble stated in their announcement.

The announcement explained that LoudCloud will create a new revenue model for their planned educational platform and digital business, allowing them to offer real-time analytics to the more than 5 million students and 250,000 faculty members at the over 740 colleges and universities Barnes and Noble Education serves.

LoudCloud’s real-time analytics platform, LoudSight, captures and analyzes key performance and behavioral metrics through a consolidated, web-based dashboard. In addition to the analytics platform, the company also brings a competency based courseware platform, an eReading product, and a learning management system (LMS) to Barnes and Nobel’s digital strategy, the company stated.

The use of real-time and predictive analytics in higher education has become so popular that there is even a yearly conference dedicated to them. A recent report by New America Education Central found that starting in 2014, colleges and universities have been making a major shift to predictive and real-time analytics.

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