IoT Play: Cisco’s Jasper Eyes Mobile, Security, Connected Cars


IoT vendor will team up with Gemalto, Telular and Post Luxembourg.

 Jasper Technologies, an IoT vendor preparing to be acquired by Cisco, announced on Feb. 23 several new partnerships designed to help enhance the IoT.

Jasper’s cloud services help enterprises deploy fleets of IoT devices over mobile networks. To help make that easier, Jasper announced at Mobile World Congress that they have partnered with major SIM card manufacturer Gemalto. The goal of the alliance is to simplify global deployments of IoT services by allowing such deployments to use a single embedded SIM, which will speed up both distribution and device activation. This will be accomplished by integrating Jasper’s platform with Gemalto’s LinqUs On-Demand Connectivity service.

“Our customers can dramatically increase opportunities and growth across IoT verticals such as mHealth, automotive, and consumer electronics that rely on seamless cross border connectivity,” said Benoit Jouffrey, vice president of on-demand connectivity at Gemalto, in a post on Jasper’s website. “The integration of the two technologies, currently under deployment with lead customers, expedites go-to-market timelines and optimizes IoT investments.”

Jasper has also announced a partnership with Telular, a company specializing in IoT solutions for the security vertical. Jasper’s Control Center platform will be integrated with Telular’s SkyBitz and Telguard products, with the goal of providing real-time analytics and predictive maintenance tools to home security dealers so they can remotely manage the systems they sell.

“Telular’s support for branded and third-party solutions for telematics and security, along with Jasper’s global IoT expertise, will enable greater scalability and value for our customers in these industries,” said Macario Namie, vice president of strategy at Jasper, in a post on their website.

Finally, Jasper announced it’s also partnering with Post Luxembourg to bring IoT services to enterprises all over Europe. Post Luxembourg is the country’s national telecommunications provider and will join its network to Jasper’s cloud-based services to allow companies to launch, manage and monetize IoT services. Jasper says one of the first enterprises to take advantage of the new partnership is a major European car maker who will use the new POST IoT platform to manage the services it provides to its connected cars, which currently number over 1.1 million.

Earlier this month, the company announced that they will be acquired by Cisco, but says the acquisition will not affect any of their customers or partnerships.

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