Data Science and Deep Learning Leaders Create GPU Open Analytics Initiative


Continuum Analytics, and MapD Technologies create open common data frameworks for GPU in-memory analytics

Continuum Analytics, H20ai and MapD Technologies have created a new GPU open analytics initiative, and their first project was announced at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC). The group intends to create an open source GPU Data Frame with a Python API. The Data Frame enables efficient exchange of data between GPU processes, the companies stated, and end-to-end computation avoids copying of in-memory data to reduce costs and computing time while still providing high performance analytics for artificial intelligence workloads.

MapD Core database users can send the results of an SQL query into the GPU Data Frame where it can then be manipulated by the Continuum Analytics’ Anaconda Python platform, or used with the machine learning suite of algorithms. The company said that early testing shows improved processing time compared to a CPU.

“The data science and analytics communities are rapidly adopting GPU computing for machine learning and deep learning. However, CPU-based systems still handle tasks like subsetting and preprocessing training data, which creates a significant bottleneck,” said Todd Mostak, CEO and co-founder of MapD Technologies. “The GPU Data Frame makes it easy to run everything from ingestion to preprocessing to training and visualization directly on the GPU. This efficient data interchange will improve performance, encouraging development of ever more sophisticated GPU-based applications.”

The GPU Open Analytics Initiative welcomes participants who are committed to GPU based computing platforms and open source. Those interested can find more details at the Initiative’s Github link –

In addition, MapD Technologies has announced that their MapD Core database is now open source. . Anaconda and H2O already have large open source communities.

“Truly diverse open source ecosystems are essential for adoption – we are excited to start GOAI for GPUs alongside leaders in data and analytics pipeline to help standardize data formats,” said Sri Ambati, CEO and co-founder of “GOAI is a call for the community of data developers and researchers to join the movement to speed up analytics and GPU adoption in the enterprise.”


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