ORHub Launches New Healthcare Blockchain Initiative


ORHub has entered a partnership with SinglePoint to develop optimized blockchain solutions for the healthcare sector, with its tough privacy concerns..

ORHub, a provider of a physician-driven surgical analytics platform, has announced the launch of their blockchain initiative and said they wanted to work with SinglePoint to design and deploy go-to-market solutions. As part of the partnership, SinglePoint will design proprietary blockchain solutions for ORHub.

ORHub provides surgical resource software designed to improve the cost-effectiveness of a hospital using big data and analytics, said the company. The analytics provide doctors and administrators with insights into each surgery that is performed. They believe that data can be further unlocked using blockchain applications that can track medical records, inventory, patient experience and billing.

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The company’s cloud-based platform collects data before, during and after surgical procedures. Physicians, hospitals and medical device vendors can access it via any internet enabled device. The platform software translates the data it collects into an anatomical, detailed graphic of what occurred during each surgery, including implant locations, product usage, and surgical techniques.

“Our collaboration with SinglePoint to build out transformative healthcare blockchain solutions was a logical extension of our data platform. Our vision is to change the face of surgical healthcare by dramatically lowering surgical costs, aligning physician performance with surgical efficiencies improving hospital economics and patient outcomes. The power of the intelligent data we already capture at the point of care has far-reaching implications that can be better deployed through blockchain solutions to resolve the waste in time and resources that have contributed to the cost burden placed on hospitals today,” said Colt Melby, Chief Executive Officer of ORHub.

“We believe that blockchain inspired technology will set the stage for surgical data to evolve into a new paradigm based on a real-time shared infrastructure platform that is more transparent, more accurate, more timely, more cost-effective and easy to use,” he added.

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