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In this week’s real-time analytics news: The IEEE and the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) announced a program that provides guidance on trustworthy AI.

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IEEE and the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) announced the availability of a program that provides free access to global socio-technical standards in AI Ethics and Governance that provide guidance and considerations towards trustworthy AI. By making available vital building blocks, the IEEE GET Program for AI Ethics and Governance Standards will help contribute to creating AI systems that are more trustworthy and further the goal of raising awareness and understanding of the importance of the AI ethics issues and how they can be addressed. The program can help AI developers incorporate human-centric design principles into their product roadmaps and organizational and governance structures and level up business processes such as procurement, marketing, and risk management.

Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure OpenAI Service as part of Microsoft’s continued commitment to democratizing AI and ongoing partnership with OpenAI. With Azure OpenAI Service now generally available, more businesses can apply for access to the most advanced AI models in the world, including GPT-3.5, Codex, and DALL-E-2, backed by the enterprise-grade capabilities and AI-optimized infrastructure of Microsoft Azure, to create applications. Customers will also be able to access ChatGPT, a fine-tuned version of GPT-3.5 that has been trained and runs inference on Azure AI infrastructure, through Azure OpenAI Service soon.

NVIDIA and Dell Technologies launched a wave of Dell PowerEdge systems available with NVIDIA acceleration, enabling enterprises to efficiently transform their businesses with AI. A total of 15 next-generation Dell PowerEdge systems can draw from NVIDIA’s full AI stack, including GPUs, DPUs, and the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite. Such systems help enterprises with the foundation required for a wide range of AI applications, including speech recognition, cybersecurity, recommendation systems, and a growing number of groundbreaking language-based services.

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Real-time analytics news in brief

Aerospike announced the release of Aerospike Connect for Elasticsearch. The new connector enables developers and data architects to leverage Elasticsearch, a popular open-source search and analytics technology, to perform fast full-text-based searches on real-time data stored in Aerospike Database 6.

ClearML announced it has released a new Reports feature that is now generally available. A report can contain charts that auto-update continuously throughout an experiment lifecycle. The new feature makes it easy to create and share real-time reports within ClearML, as well as connect to third-party editors such as Confluence, Monday, Notion, Colab (Jupyter), and others using embed code.

Decodable announced a slate of new features in its enterprise-ready platform built on Apache Flink. New features let enterprises of all sizes deploy Decodable’s fully managed, as-a-service stream processing platform at the scale that fits their needs. Specifically, the Decodable platform rounds out open-source Apache Flink with capabilities that deliver security, efficiency, and performance, enabling enterprise users to connect to anything, develop with speed, and operate with confidence.

Ensono announced the launch of Ensono Envision Advisor, a multi-platform optimization solution. The new platform combines data and guidance from certified expert engineers who offer actionable advice that enables the optimization of a client’s IT estate across cost, security, performance, availability, and reliability. Specifically, Ensono engineers identify opportunities for optimization by analyzing and adding context to data gathered from multiple sources. The data is then used to offer advice on how clients can optimize their environments for peak performance.

Immuta announced the release of its latest product, Immuta Detect. With its continuous data security monitoring capabilities, Immuta Detect alerts data and security teams about risky data access behavior, enabling quicker and more accurate risk remediation and improved data security posture management across modern cloud data platforms.

Kintent announced the release of the new TrustShare application. TrustShare allows software companies to pass security reviews quickly with AI-powered security questionnaire responses and a dynamic trust portal to share security and privacy compliance status with prospects and partners. TrustShare is the newest addition to the company’s Trust Cloud platform.

Lumenova AI announced that it has officially launched to enable organizations to understand deeply complex models and gain insights into what’s driving the AI decision-making process. With the company’s technology, businesses can detect deep-rooted biases, optimize their models’ reliability and robustness, and build trust and transparency into their AI.

New Relic announced the general availability of New Relic Vulnerability Management to provide customers with security monitoring, helping engineering teams identify and triage vulnerabilities across their tech stack. The solution integrates New Relic’s native vulnerability signals and third-party security signals into its purpose-built Telemetry Data Platform to monitor and manage all enterprise telemetry data in one place.

RKVST announced its public attestation feature, adding a new level of trust for digital supply chains that can be used to prove the provenance of any digital or physical asset. Together with new multi-tenancy, verified domain name, and batch transaction features, RKVST reduces the barriers to adopting supply chain transparency, providing an easy-to-deploy, low-cost way to deliver provenance, governance, and immutability of data that is available to anyone, on any system, at any time.

Satori announced that it is adding support for MongoDB, a scalable and flexible NoSQL document database used for high-volume data storage and processing. With this support, MongoDB users can now take advantage of Satori’s data security platform to reduce risk, improve productivity, and ensure compliance.

Solace has added distributed tracing capabilities to its event-driven architecture (EDA) platform so companies can trace the step-by-step progress of event-driven information from end-to-end as it makes its way through a series of applications, environments, and event brokers. PubSub+ Distributed Tracing emits trace events from client libraries and the event broker in OpenTelemetry, a format that allows customers to collect, visualize, and analyze trace information in any compatible tool, such as DataDog, Dynatrace, Jaeger, Splunk, and more. PubSub+ Distributed Tracing is now generally available.

TDengine released a new data-sharing feature for its cloud-native time-series data platform. By introducing user authorization to its core data subscription component, TDengine delivers simple and secure data distribution with fine-grained access control for internal and external stakeholders. TDengine Cloud now allows sharing of any level of data—from an entire organization to a single topic—with specified users or user groups with different roles. The security of your shared data is ensured by secure tokens and encryption in flight.

UiPath announced significant upgrades to allow customers to modernize their software testing practices by migrating testing to the UiPath Business Automation Platform. With migration streamlined and comprehensive software testing natively available to all customers, UiPath provides CIOs and IT decision makers the opportunity to save costs by consolidating and automating testing in a single platform. New UiPath Test Suite capabilities include a migration accelerator service and a test manager hub.

Untether AI announced the availability of the imAIgine Software Development Kit (SDK) version 22.12. The imAIgine SDK provides an automated path to running neural networks on Untether AI’s runAI devices and tsunAImi accelerator cards, with push-button quantization, optimization, physical allocation, and multi-chip partitioning.

UserTesting announced product updates to the UserTesting Human Insight Platform that provides individual users with easier access to high-value content through workspaces that curate tests, drafts, and highlight reels into scannable, personalized views that are tailored to recent engagement. In addition, UserTesting released its new screener guidance feature that takes the guesswork out of understanding screener criteria pass rates with notifications that help users find the right contributors and collect the feedback they need quickly.

WANdisco released its Data Activation Platform 2.0 to support faster migrations for massive datasets. Supporting both the WANdisco Data Migrator and Edge to Cloud solutions, the updates maximize the speed and scale of on-premises and edge data transfers through precise control over migration throughput, cleanup, and prioritization, among other features. The updates optimize data movement performance from IoT sensor data and Hadoop environments to any cloud, maximizing the business value of data wherever it lives.

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Couchbase announced its Couchbase Capella Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offering on Azure. Capella is a fully managed DBaaS that offloads database management, lowers total cost of ownership, delivers database flexibility, and enables performance at scale to build modern applications. With the availability on Azure, Couchbase customers will be able to take advantage of the trusted Azure cloud platform with streamlined deployment and management.

Hitachi Vantara announced a new global partnership with Model9. The collaboration enables enterprises to gain greater data-driven value through the cloud, making mainframe data available and accessible for both cloud applications and predictive analytics services. Bringing additional capabilities to the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5000 series and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) object storage portfolio, Model9’s software connects the mainframe, so customers can transfer current or historical mainframe data, whether stored on disk or tape, without interim disk storage. 

Lucidworks and Google Cloud announced an expansion of their partnership. When combined with Google Cloud Retail Search, Lucidworks Fusion’s Deep Learning technology orchestrates Google Cloud’s search and shopper intelligence trained on queries and events to enable instant sharper relevance across the shopper journey.

MANTA and Prolifics announced a global expansion of their strategic partnership. Building on their long-standing work together, the partnership will equip Prolifics’ clients with MANTA’s data lineage expertise to support a range of digital transformation projects. In addition to partnering on client projects and sales, MANTA and Prolifics announced plans to develop and launch a Connector between MANTA and the Microsoft Purview unified data governance solution.

Mattermost announced new workflow integrations with ServiceNow and GitLab. Mattermost’s enhanced offering improves productivity and reduces risk by enabling organizations to meet stringent security requirements while offering technical teams the ability to connect seamlessly with digital workflow and DevOps platforms from ServiceNow and GitLab, respectively.

Melissa announced a partnership with TomTom. By layering TomTom’s comprehensive global address data, location data, and country data on top of its data quality, enrichment, and identity verification solutions, Melissa has earned its reputation as the Address Expert. The capabilities via the partnership enable Melissa to increase its global support across 240 countries and territories.

Mendix, a Siemens business, and the Software Improvement Group (SIG), an independent technology and advisory firm, announced the release of Mendix Quality & Security Management (QSM), a new cybersecurity solution that provides continuous deep-dive insights into security and code quality to address risks and vulnerabilities. Specifically, the Mendix QSM solution provides IT management, quality assurance teams, and software security experts deep visibility across the entire portfolio of Mendix applications.

Snowflake announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire SnowConvert, the suite of tools for efficiently migrating databases to the data cloud, from Mobilize.Net. The SnowConvert toolkit has long been a preferred solution for migrating customer workloads to Snowflake. It uses sophisticated automation techniques that reduce the need for manual coding and helps ensure migration projects are successful. Closing of the acquisition is subject to the receipt of required regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions.

Unravel Data has announced that it has become a General Member of the FinOps Foundation. The foundation, which is part of The Linux Foundation’s non-profit technology consortium, is focused on advancing the people and practice of cloud financial management through education, best practices, and standards. Unravel Data’s goal in becoming a member is to help organizations optimize their cloud data costs and implement cost governance for their modern data stacks using AI insights.

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