Rocana Rolls Out Ops 2.0 For Intelligent Alerts and Cloud Agility


The update now enables real-time action based on machine learning and operational visibility.

Operators of IT systems must grapple with a flood of alerts, many of which are low priority at best and useless at worst. This constant deluge can lead to alert fatigue and missed signals. Rocana says that will all change with Rocana Ops 2.0, which they say provides a brand new first responder experience.

The updated Rocana Ops features Rocana Reflex, a new event alerting and orchestration system that enables IT ops teams to take real-time action based on what is happening in their environment at that moment. Predefined actions can be automatically put into motion whenever conditions chosen by the team, expected or unexpected, occur. A full audit trail is provided. This gives IT ops and first responders a system that has limited downtime and improved efficiency, even in demanding environments, said Rocana.  The new platform also includes cloud PaaS for IT operations.

“From the outset, Rocana has been focused on building a solution that solves core IT operational challenges. We’ve taken a deliberate approach where each software version is a strategically-placed stepping stone that ultimately enable us to redefine and elevate the role of IT operations. The new capabilities provided in Rocana Ops 2.0 make it the standard-bearer for next generation IT operations monitoring solutions.” said Omer Trajman, Rocana’s CEO and co-founder.

According to their announcement, Rocana Reflex is powered by the same scalable, high performance infrastructure that Rocana Ops was built on for total operational visibility. Operation teams can preconfigure appropriate responses to a variety of conditions and get instant alerts including the likely cause, so that critical issues can be dealt with quickly.

Thousands of priority coded alerts and anomalies can be viewed and managed from one streamlined dashboard, according to the company. This allows urgent issues to be easily spotted and handled. With Rocana Reflex, instant action can be taken, whether it be as simple as routing a support ticket or more complicated, such as provisioning additional capacity on AWS using a REST API.

Rocana Ops has also added integration with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, which enables users to capture and correlate logs, metrics and other event data from a variety of sources, including OpenStack, AWS and legacy sources, in real time and with the option of adding historical data as well.

More information on Rocana Ops 2.0 can be found via their launch event.


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