SAP Acquires Roambi, Adds Spark Modeling


Mobile visualization leader Roambi will be added to SAP’s cloud analytics portfolio; Spark native modeling is designed for predictive analytics without Hadoop.

SAP announced on Feb. 16 that they have acquired mobile visualization leader Roambi. The company’s suite of analytics solutions will be added to SAP’s cloud analytics portfolio to make mobile access to analytics available to everyone. The announcement was made at SAPInsider BI 2016 in Las Vegas and the Spark Summit East currently being held in New York City.

The Roambi assets will allow SAP customers, from CEOs to frontline staff, the ability to quickly and easily view, share and interact with their data anywhere from one dashboard.

The company also announced a new version of its SAP Predictive Analytics platform that promises new features like native Spark modeling. SAP Predictive Analytics 2.5, which will be available soon, is said to also have features meant to sharply increase productivity for data scientists through ensemble modeling and better integration with SAP HANA libraries. The platform allows various data sources to be collected and integrated to build any number of predictive models.

Velux A/S, which manufactures skylights and windows, said SAP is fundamental to its business model.

“We use SAP Predictive Analytics as part of our larger SAP deployment, which also includes SAP HANA, to find out when one of our products might fail,” Anders Reinhardt, head of business intelligence at VELUX A/S, said in a press release. “This not only helps from a cost-saving perspective, but it also enables us to let our customers know we might have an issue and, more important, explain how we can fix that issue. It’s about creating a better customer experience.”

The upcoming integration of Spark modeling will let customers use Spark to perform many automated predictive analysis tasks without having to deal with transfers out of the Hadoop environment, saving time and money, according to SAP.

In addition, SAP HANA Cloud 1.0 is now available, bringing cloud-based predictive analytics to developers and RESTful web services for both batch and real-time analytics.

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