Gamesa Targets Real-Time Analytics for Wind Turbines


Gamesa and CAF will have an equal stake in NEM solutions, a predictive maintenance company.

Spanish energy company Gamesa and Spanish railway company CAF have come together to acquire equal stakes in predictive maintenance company NEM solutions.

NEM was originally created by CAF to provide predictive analytics to enhance the performance of the company’s trains. It has now given 35% of its stake in the company to Gamesa, to give each company an equal 50% share. Gamesa will use the technology to improve their wind turbine performance and enhance their existing data mining.

“The value added by the technology developed by NEM for the services already offered by Gamesa lies with the ability to extract conclusions about how to fine-tune the predictive maintenance of the turbines under management from the analysis of the data received”, explained Xabier Etxeberria, Gamesa’s Business CEO said in the announcement on their website.

The agreement is subject to anti-trust approval but expected to be completed early next year.

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