On Internet of Everything and Personalization

Opher Etzion's Internt of Things slideshow

When everything is interconnected, astounding applications become possible. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vision to empower computers to sense, gather and use information in real-time. Here, RT Insights blogger Dr. Opher Etzion explains how the IoT is doing this via interfaces that respond to sound, motion, optics, temperature, proximity and other environmental sensors.

This ability provides value to every sector of society. It allows people to know and react in a timely way like never before in order to reduce waste, loss and costs.

The IoT requires multisensor technology that can be difficult to construct. The IoT differs from traditional Internet in that its content is created by computers instead of by people. The IoT’s content is automatically generated by triggers. Combining data from multiple sensors detects patterns.

To do so requires simple usability. Once achieved, it will be applicable to virtually everything. It will be applicable to healthcare, smart cities, agriculture, home automation and driverless cars. It will applicable to even inputting implants in the human body to potentially stop the aging process.

What the Internet of Things Needs

What’s holding us back is the need for better data, more networks and increased sensor innovation. The IoT also needs improved security and privacy. The IoT also needs more of a focus on democratization and standardization.

The following is a slideshow from a talk I gave last September at INTEROP Las Vegas 2014. For details on INTEROP 2015, click here.

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Dr. Opher Etzion

About Dr. Opher Etzion

Dr. Opher Etzion is professor of information systems and head of the Technological Empowerment Institute in Yezreel Valley College in Israel. He is also a former chief scientist of event processing at the IBM Haifa Research Lab (full bio) . Follow him on Twitter @opheretzion.

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